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2009-02-21 Annual Meeting @ UC Davis

Meeting Info

Meeting Attendees

Alex Mandel (Student - UC Davis Geography Department)

Mike Treichler (Student - UC Davis Geography Department, IT Manager - Core-Mark International, Sacramento)

Bob Moskovitz (Research Analyst - California Geologic Survey)

Josh Livni (GIS Consultant - Umbrella Consulting)

Stacey Ellis (Student – UC Davis Geography Department)

Michele Tobias (Student – UC Davis Geography Department)

Allan Hollandar (Research Analyst – UC Davis)

Brian Hamlin (Software Developer)

Remote Meeting Attendees

Joe Larson (GIS Technician – City of Lompoc)

Items covered

  • Decided on a proposed mission statement.
  • Reviewed chapter objectives. Decided to narrow initial chapter focus on outreach.
  • Discussed geodata access award for California organizations.
  • Discussed speakers at local events and professional societies and groups.
  • Discussed OSGeo California Chapter booth at upcoming events and funding needs for these events.
  • Discussed storage of booth materials and supplies. Alex Mandel will store the booth material and supplies at UC Davis and will ship to other locations in California as needed.
  • Discussed method of handling chapter donations. Landon will serve as treasurer for the chapter’s first year. Donations will be sent to his mailing address and forwarded to the OSGeo in $500 increments. This will allow donations to be tax deductible.