California Chapter 2011 Annual Meeting

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The California Chapter Fall Fiesta will be held on:

  • Saturday October 22, 2011
  • 9am - 5pm (Come to as much as you want)
  • 142 Hunt Hall
  • UC Davis, California

Tip: Bring your own Mug




Talks 9am-11:15am





~11:30 Lightning Talks

  • Nate Roth - Python & Postgis (Lightning Talk)
  • Bob Moskovitz - QGIS Plugin Case Study - Geological Surveys

Many of the listed talks here are recaps of talks given at FOSS4G 2011

Lunch 11:45-12:45pm

  • Provided if you RSVP'd

Discussions 12:15-12:45

Discussion - How To Participate In Open Source Projects (Landon, Alex, Brian, et al.)

Chapter General Meeting 12:45-1:15

  • OSGeo Chapter liaison to the Board
  • Event Ideas
  • etc...

Afternoon Activities 1:15-5pm


  • Cartography Sprint (Bring a Laptop/Netbook)
    • create cartographic symbols for use in the public domain (don't know how? we'll teach you!)
    • Possible iconography to work on OSGeo map symbol set
  • Learn to Bug Hunt (Bring a Laptop)
    • find & report problems with GIS software
  • Code Sprint (Bring a Laptop)
    • help improve or expand software (no programming experience needed)
  • Chapter Event Planning
    • how can we improve? what plans do we have?
  • Public Geo Data Award Planning
  • Lightning Talks - 5 minutes or less, present something interesting of yours.


  • Kite Photography Demo
    • weather permitting, we'll play with some Kite Aerial Photography equipment
  • Mapping Party & GPS/Smartphone Games
  • Re-testing of the myth that people can't walk in a straight line while blindfolded- track it with a GPS.

Coffee House Snack Run

  • Guided tour across the street to the Coffee House for self service afternoon drinks and snacks.

Evening Social Downtown Davis 5pm

  • Location TBD - ideas: Dumpling House, ...

Planned Attendance List

To RSVP please email Landon (sunburned.surveyor [] and Alex (tech [], or add your name to the list. Yes you can still attend if you didn't RSVP, but consider bringing your own lunch

  1. Michele Tobias
  2. Allan Hollander
  3. Dave Waetjen
  4. Sid Feygin
  5. Landon Blake
  6. Alex Mandel
  7. Nate Roth
  8. Robert Hijmans
  9. Bob Moskovitz
  10. Brian Hamlin
  11. Andrew Holguin
  12. Prashant Hedao
  13. Steve Greco
  14. Hyeyeong Choe
  15. Emily Sin
  16. David Chursenoff
  17. Leslie Sherrett
  18. Elena Lopez
  19. Wan-Ru Yang
  20. Jen Kovnats
  21. Ramon Solis
  22. Jordan Thomas
  23. Jeff E. Crocker
  24. Varinder Saini
  25. Adam Borchard
  26. Patrick Kilduff
  27. Josh Perlman

(Remote Participation)

  1. Joe Larson


  1. Bryan Pon
  2. Trina Filan
  3. Frank Warmerdam
  4. Forest Fortescue
  5. Mike Migurski


Contact Landon (sunburned.surveyor [] if you would like to help sponsor the meeting.


  • Several people will be travelling from the Bay Area and the Sacramento Area. Please post on the California Chapter mailing list if you have space or are looking for space in a carpool.
  • Davis is serviced by the Capital Corridor train service, though with fewer runs on Saturday it's still a reasonable option.

Remote Participation

  • Want to help with the Code Sprint, Bug Hunt etc... we'll have #osgeo-ca on freenode IRC turned on
  • Some of the talks may be streamed via ustream.
    • Details will be posted the morning of when the stream is setup.

Survey Results

Topic List

  • Desktop GIS (83%)
  • Databases (75%)
  • Web Technologies (75%)
  • Participation in Open Source (67%)
  • Cartography (67%)
  • Data Types (58%)

(Percentages indicate the percent of survey respondents interested in the topic)