California Chapter Report 2009

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California Chapter

  • Contact name: Alex Mandel (Davis, CA),
                          Landon Blake (Stockton, CA),
                          Ragi Burhum (San Francisco, CA)

Key Accomplishments

Areas for Improvement

  • As a very large area geographically we are encouraging more local interaction via unofficial subchapters.
  • While we have a strong presence in Northern California it would be great to bring together more people in the Los Angeles and San Diego regions.

Opportunities to Help

  • Always looking for more events to go to.
  • Looking for help designing and administering award to government agencies in California that promote free and open access to geospatial data.
  • Looking for programmers to assist with software development projects hosted by Chapter.

Outlook for 2010

The growth of mobile platforms like Android and iPhone has also caused a huge increase for the need of geospatial libraries and server technologies.
Since the Bay Area has huge activity of startups with very talented people with low cash flow, it is a perfect incubator for adoption of OSGeo technologies.
Several of the current startup companies that are doing anything related to geo have started using software like PostGIS.

Interestingly enough, Unconferences and local meetup groups have proven to be very effective at producing follow up e-mails with questions about Open Source
GIS technologies. In fact, for these type of events, it is not uncommon to present to a group of 10-80 developers who are all interested and flabbergasted that they
did not know that such open source technologies even existed.

Since the mobile application market keeps growing, it is unquestionable that OSGeo adoption in the Bay Area will follow suit.