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This page contains meta-information about the list of Docker images at DockerImages. It can be used to collect tasks and information about images not present in the main list.


Help welcome!

Projects with many images

The following searches on Docker Hub (and other registries, if possible!) result in a relatively large number of hits. Contributions in checking the "long tail" of these lists are highly welcome, so far only the most starred and downloaded images have been considered.

Images and organisations with geo/GIS relation

These images are not yet on the list - should they be?

docker-compose configurations

Should these be a separate list?


The following searches have been applied so far (please add date and sign)


Criteria and data points (TBC)

  • Goals / target users / applications (e.g. testing, dev env, new users, demos, …) clear?
  • Maintainer (most importantly: 3rd party or original devs?)
  • License
  • Base image
  • Quality of documentation

Sorted out

The following images have been sorted out during the searches. It will be worth rechecking them from time to time, as issues such as missing documentation can quickly be mitigated by maintainers.