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The goal of this list is to provide an overview of OSGeo-related Docker images to leverage the advantages of containerization across the geoinformatics communities.

You want to learn how this list was created? See DockerImagesMeta.

Project Image on Maintainer Link Specific goals / target users? License Base image Comments
Cartaro geops/cartaro Cartaro - - ubuntu:14.04 good docs, works
Deegree deegree/deegree3-docker Deegree TMC - - tomcat:8.5-jre8 (which is debian:stretch) -
Deegree tfr42/deegree tfr42 - - tomcat:8-jre7 and java:8 (which is debian:jessie) also docker-compose with PostGIS, FOSS4G workshop documentation
geoblacklight geoblacklight/geoblacklight GeoBlacklight - - rails:4.2.3 detailed instructions, including image with test data; see also docker-compose configuration and open at http://localhost/catalog
geogig kartoza/geogig kartoza/Tim Sutton, 3rd party - - ubuntu:14.04 clear instructions; untested
geogig server and cli jasoncallaway/geogig-server and jasoncallaway/geogig-cli Jason Callaway, 3rd party - - centos:latest under development, untested
GeoMOOSE Build yourself GeoMOOSE demo and development environment MIT ubuntu:trusty must build yourself, but very good documentation
GeoServer kartoza/geoserver Kartoza, independent very well tested, production ready and includes helm charts for deployment GPL 2 GeoServer PSC Official GeoServer Docker image maintained by core developers -
GeoServer cloud geoservercloud/geoserver-cloud-gateway, geoservercloud/geoserver-cloud-webui, geoservercloud/geoserver-cloud-rest, geoservercloud/geoserver-cloud-wfs, geoservercloud/geoserver-cloud-wms, geoservercloud/geoserver-cloud-wcs, geoservercloud/geoserver-cloud-wps, geoservercloud/geoserver-cloud-gwc Camptocamp Cloud Native GPL 2 eclipse-temurin
Jupyter Notebook dcal12/python-geospatial Doug Callaway/DCAL12 - jupyter/base-notebook:latest works, very small dockerfile but lacks docs/examples
mapcache pamtrak06/mapcache-ubuntu14.04 - - - pamtrak06/ubuntu14.04-apache2-python ... untested
MapFish Print unknownlighter/mapfish-print Maintainer - - tomcat:8-jre7 No documentation, but just open http://localhost:8080/
camptocamp/mapfish_print Camptocamp - BSD 2-Clause tomcat
MapGuide jumpinjackie/mapguide-base Jackie Ng as a base image? - centos:centos6 Dockerfile is missing command, run with docker run --rm -it -p 8008:8008 jumpinjackie/mapguide-base /usr/bin/supervisord, but only shows error
MapServer geodata/mapserver GeoData Institute, 3rd party mapserver with a "broad range of options enabled including a comprehensive GDAL library" - geodata/gdal:latest good instructions
camptocamp/mapserver Camptocamp - BSD 2-Clause
neo4j-spatial jeffreyjharris/docker-neo4j-spatial Kenny Bastani, 3rd party - - java:openjdk-8-jdk open at <http://localhost:7474/browser/>; extension/fork of kbastani/docker-neo4j
PostGIS postgis/postgis PostGIS Project - file LICENSE postgis/postgis:15-master Alpine, Debian, and Ubuntu builds using community PostgreSQL, GDAL, GEOS and builds PostGIS from latest
neowaylabs/postgis NeowayLabs, 3rd party - License neowaylabs/baseimage installs from http://apt.postgresql...
kartoza/postgis kartoza/Tim Sutton, 3rd party Ready to run PostGIS geospatial databaseg - debian:stable installs from http://apt.postgresql
pgRouting pgrouting/pgrouting pgRouting Project - file LICENSE pgrouting/pgrouting:latest extends the postgis official docker image with pgRouting
QGIS Desktop kartoza/qgis-desktop kartoza/Tim Sutton, 3rd party complete replacement for usage on Desktop, see - kartoza/qgis-base good instructions, including docker-compose with a postgis server; QGIS community is on Docker Hub but not with a QGIS image
timcera/qgis-desktop-ubuntu timcera, 3rd party "Instead of compiling, this image is [..] latest QGIS" - ubuntu:xenial and UbuntuGIS repos instructions for run script including mounting as setting user, untested but looks promising
elpaso/qgis-testing-environment elpase, 3rd party - Simple container for testing QGIS Desktop and for executing unit tests inside a real QGIS instance - ? incl. instructions for running on Travis, uses xhost forwarding (dont forget to xhost - when youre done)
QGIS Server kartoza/qgis-server kartoza/Tim Sutton complete replacement for usage on Desktop, see - kartoza/qgis-desktop good instructions
kartoza/qgis-server kartoza, 3rd party A simple docker container that runs QGIS Server - kartoza/qgis-desktop -
camptocamp/qgis-server Camptocamp - GPL
QGIS Server + web client opengisch/qgis-server-webclient, 3rd party - - debian:stable QGIS community is on Docker Hub but not with a QGIS image
tileserver-mapnik klokantech/tileserver-mapnik klokantech Mapnik based map tileserver generating raster tiles from MapBox Studio project & custom vector tiles file License node:0.10 installation instructions just refer to the Dockerfile - nice! see instructions by osm2vectortiles
TinyOWS camptocamp/tinyows Camptocamp - BSD 2-Clause ubuntu
gdal osgeo/gdal GDAL maintainers
- X/MIT ubuntu:20.04
geodata/gdal GeoData Institute, 3rd party build specific versions of gdal from source, see tags - ubuntu:trusty some forks, e.g. geometalab, compare on GitHub before use
spara/gdal_ef 3rd party demo FOSS4G-NA 2016 - ubuntu:trusty -
pdal pdal/pdal PDAL maintainers PDAL stands on the shoulders of giants. It uses GDAL, GEOS, and many other dependencies. Because of this, it is very challenging to build it yourself. We could easily burn an entire workshop learning the esoteric build miseries of PDAL and all of its dependencies. Fortunately, Docker will allow us to use a fully-featured known configuration to run our examples and exercises without having to suffer so much. License pdal/dependencies, which is based on ubuntu:15.04 great docs; build libs from source;
saga ntonshevtsov/saga-gis - - - - no Dockerfile, but works! Use xhost + before and xhost - after
GRASS GIS OSGeo/grass-gis GRASS GIS maintainers complete GRASS GIS with PDAL GPL 2+ alpine/debian/ubuntu current dockerhub builds, good instructions at
opticks toddstavish/opticks Todd Stavish - - ubuntu:15.04 run with docker run -i -t -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -e DISPLAY=unix$DISPLAY -v $(pwd)/tmp:/home/data toddstavish/opticks
tclarke/opticks Trevor R.H. Clarke/Opticks - - centos:centos7 good documentation, error on run;
CartoDB sverhoeven/cartodb Stefan Verhoeven, 3rd party fully working cartodb development solution without the installation hassle. - ubuntu:14.04 large image; includes multiple "apps" (postgres, node, redis-server); use together with nginx proxy in container:
akvo/akvo-provisioning Akvo, 3rd party what's needed to dockerize the five main components CartoDB - - multiple images, and docker-compose orchestration
Nominatim helvalius/nominatim-docker-development helvalius, 3rd party builds current master or development - ubuntu:14.04 includes PG database and apache2
mediagis/nominatim winsento/mediagis, 3rd party "100% working container" - ubuntu:trusty fork by cartography, test data is in Monaco
osmtools mediagis/osmtools winsento/mediagis, 3rd party package CLI tools osmconvert, osmfilter, osmupdate - ubuntu:latest fork by cartography
osrm (Frontend, Backend) cartography/osrm-backend-docker and docker pull cartography/osrm-frontend-docker Project-OSRM - LICENSE.txt ubuntu:trusty untested, documentation seems good
osmosis farberg/openstreetmap-osmosis-docker Dennis Pfisterer - - debian:jessie not much, but works
ferimer/osmosis Ferimer - - debian:latest not much, but works; "latest" tag missing, not well maintained
osmosis + Jenkins henkel/jenkins-slave-osmosis Philipp Henkel presumably for automation? - debian:latest untested (quite specific use case)
osm2pgsql openfirmware/osm2pgsql James Badger/openfirmware A Docker image with osm2pgsql, the tool for importing OpenStreetMap data into a Postgresql database. - debian:wheezy many images exist, untested, could profit from docs including postgres
OSM-ready postgres openfirmware/postgres-osm James Badger/openfirmware The base postgres image from Docker with extensions for importing OpenStreetMap data. - postgres:9.3.6 README says it is unfinished
r-spatial achubaty/r-spatial-base and achubaty/r-spatial-devel Alex Chubaty extend Rocker base image with spatial packages License rocker/r-base:latest respectively rocker/r-devel:latest -
ubuntugis-docker javimarlop/ubuntugis-docker Martinez-Lopez Javier, 3rd party VM using Docker for Geospatial Analysis - ubuntu:14.04 untested; really installs a lot of stuff, not best use of Docker
mapnik mapsquare/mapnik3 mapsquare - - debian:jessie versions as tags; untested, partial instructions only
GeoNode openmarble/arch-geonode Maintainer - - openmarble/arch-imaging:latest lacking documentation, run with docker run -it --rm -p 8000:8000 -p 8080:8080 openmarble/arch-geonode and open GeoNode at http://localhost:8000/ (login with admin/admin) or GeoServer at http://localhost:8080/geoserver/web/
geosuite devdattat/docker-opengeosuite Devdatta Tengshe - MIT ubuntu:14.04 incomplete instructions; Dockerfile has no start command... cannot work
cesium terrain server and cesium.js geodata/cesium-terrain-server GeoData Institute, 3rd party - - phusion/baseimage:0.9.15 (Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr) good documentation, untested because tiles must be created first
GeoNetwork oscarfonts/geonetwork Oscar Fonts ( - - tomcat:8-jre8 reasonable documetation, newer fork of elitojordan, open at http://localhost:8888/geonetwork
geonetwork Official /Joana Simoes, GeoCat
  • First-time users: try GeoNetwork;
  • Advanced users: Run specific version of GeoNetwork, with an external PostgreSQL DB backend
Specified on the README file tomcat:8 Follows the best practices for official Docker images. Official documentation here.
landsat-util developmentseed/landsat-util developmentseed - - ubuntu:14.04 has several related images, see
opendronemap opendronemap/opendronemap OpenDroneMap OpenDroneMap is a tool to postprocess drone, balloon, kite, and street view data to geographic data. - ubuntu:14.04 not tested, but good documentation available

pycsw geocontainer/pycsw Geocontainers - - alpine:3.4 very short documenation only, simply open CSW Capabilities at http://<ip>/
birdhouse/pycsw Birdhouse - - birdhouse/bird-base:latest no docs; only pycsw 1.10.3, but Capabilities available at http://<ip>:8082/csw?service=CSW&request=GetCapabilities
datagov/catalog-pycsw U.S. General Services Administration datagov/catalog-pycsw production use for - ubuntu:14.04 tailored to their installation, docs lacking; run with and should be available at http://<ip>/csw - does not work!
axiom/docker-pycsw Axiom Data Science testing as well as production - phusion/baseimage:0.9.18 (Ubuntu++) good documentation, currently not working
pyWPS4-demo geocontainer/pywps/4/pywps-demo Geocontainers - MIT alpine/latest Good docs
Zoo-Project yoms/zoo-project yomd - file LICENSE centos:6.7 no documentation, seems to start but don't know where to look next
Team Engine tfr42/teamengine tfr42 - - - Dockerfile missing, but good instructions
52°North WPS ciwater/n52wps Tethys Platform, 3rd party 52 North Web Processing Service with GRASS and Sextante backends enabled. - ubuntu:14.04 good instructions, several processing backends included
zuncle/52n-wps Xavier Thomas, 3rd party - - zuncle/tomcat8-oracle-java8 installs from source using Maven
geocontainers/52n-wps Geocontainers ? - tomcat:9 -
52°North SOS - - - - - - only makes sense when using compose file, which includes PostGIS, work in progess at klokantech/ klokantech - file LICENSE klokantech/gdal:1.11 Run with -p 8080:8080 to open at <http://localhost:8080/> Run a clone in you local network
osm2vectortiles multiple osm2vectortiles - - multiple see also tileserver-mapnik by klokantech