Enhancing ARScale and CloudAnchor support (implmented in GSoC 2019) to the MapMint4ME Android Application

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MapMint4ME (MM4ME) is an android application with the capability to record data on the field without internet connectivity. It gives users the facility to store any kind of alphanumeric data. Users are able to take photos, record their position, and view their current location on a map based on the configuration settings of their MapMint server. When the user returns back to a place with access to the internet, the recorded data can be uploaded back to the MapMint server. In 2019, we added the AR support to the MapMint4ME. The support was to implement ARScale and CloudAnchor support to the MapMint4ME application. The CloudAnchor was used to implement anchors for representing virtual world object. In this project, we aims to Enhance ARScale and CloudAnchor support(implemented in GSoC 2019) to MapMint4ME Android Application. MapMint4ME is an android application for MapMint web-service. MapMint is an internet-based Geographic Information System(GIS), designed to facilitate the deployment of Spatial Data Infrastructure(SDI). In an SDI, geographic data, metadata, tools, and the users are connected in an interactive manner in a framework so as to use the spatial information in an efficient and flexible way.

The MapMint is built on top of the ZOO-Project. The ZOO-Project is an SDI manager which gives the users the capability of building their own map and web-applications.

Project proposal

My proposal for GSoC 2020 can be found at: [proposal].

Advantages from this project

While capturing images, sometimes the user wants to add some extra information for more understanding. Current state allows the user to draw shapes and visualize changes in real time. But this AR scene will not be available once the app closes. So the idea is to store Anchors locally and the entire AR scene into some intermediate format which later can be used for visualization at some stage in future by the user hence helping to analyse the data at later stage. Also I am planning to calculate area of selected anchor space and display it to user in real time. Using this feature user will experience changes in real time. Also, planning to extend some UI features for representing GPS details so that we can integrate real world Lat-Long values to Virtual world AR anchors. This will improve process of information gathering.

Link to Github repository: [[Link]]


4th May - 31st May

Community bonding period:

  1. What I have done during this period?
  • Joined MapMint Slack Workspace created by mentors which we will be used as a mode of communication over the GSoC 2020 period
  • Introduced myself over the channel and shared my proposal over mailing list for suggestions
  • Mentors setup initial video call for primary discussion and explained me about my tasks during Community Bonding Period.
  • Created a wiki page for the project "Enhancing ARScale and CloudAnchor support (implmented in GSoC 2019) to the MapMint4ME Android Application"
  • Updated wiki User page and added my personal information [Link]
  • Updated links on the wiki Google_Summer_of_Code_2020_Accepted page [Link]
  • Environment setup of MapMint4ME android application on my personal system on Android Studio.
  • Gone through the working of the application user interface and code

Student's Biography

My name is Aditi Mohan Sawant. I am a Computer Science graduate from Mumbai Univeristy with CPI 8.81, pursuing my Master's degree in Geoinformatics and Natural Resources Engineering under Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India. Some more information about me can be obtained by following the link: [Link]