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The standard text has been sent to the list at Public Relations (version of 15:02, 18 April 2008)

Media deadlines

The list of media items that we have lined up

  • deadline date, publication, media type, publication date, paid / partner deal

*18 July, PositionIT, half-page ad, late August, partner deal

  • 29 July, PositionIT, email banner, early August, paid
  • <date>, PositionIT, e-mail shot,as soon as programme ready,paid
  • <date>, Tectonic, banner ad, asap, paid
  • <date>, GeoConnexion, banner ad
  • <date>, GeoConnexion, ???
  • <date>, Int J Geoinfo, banner ad
  • <date>, DirectionsMag, ???
  • <date>, ITWire, ???
  • <date>, all media, Press Release, soon and often, free and paid (e.g. SAPA)

..and all the rest as per media deals and paid bookings - please add the details...

Marketing Events

A list of events that should trigger Announcements and other Communications is posted on the FOSS4G2008_Announcements page. Please refer to it and the Conference Event Timeline FOSS4G 2008 Timeline.

E-Mail Marketing

  • GISSA Chair and Regional Secretaries mail to all GISSA lists
  • foss4g-newsletter (Gavin or Paul Scott)
  • OSGeo
    • africa (Gavin direct)
    • discuss (Gavin direct)
    • announce (news_item at osgeo dot org)
    • conference_dev (Gavin direct)
    • edu_discuss (Gavin direct)
    • conference-workshops (Gavin direct)
    • foss4g2008loc (Gavin direct)
    • foss4g2009 (Gavin direct)
  • EIS-Africa (request Sonja and Sives)
  • AGIRN (request Craig Schwabe)
  • GLCN-L (Gavin direct)
  • UN SIMAC: (Gavin direct; Somalia Interagency Mapping and Coordination)
  • geonetwork-users (Gavin direct)
  • sensorweb CSIR list (Gavin direct)
  • sdi-africa (Gavin direct)
  • postgis-users, Paul Ramsey
  • gmt, Paul Ramsey
  • freegis-list (Gavin direct)
  • local linux user groups
  • local java user groups
  • geotools-devel, Jody Garnett
  • gt2-users-list, Jody Garnett
  • udig-devel, Jody Garnett
  • geoserver-devel, Jody Garnett
  • mapserver-users, Steve Lime
  • mapguide-users, Bob Bray
  • qgis-user, Gary Sherman / Tim Sutton
  • grass-dev and grassuser, Markus Neteler
  • osgeo announce, Frank Warmerdam
  • gdal-dev, Frank Warmerdam
  • worldwind, Chad Zimmerman
  • openlayers, Chris Schmidt
  • mapbender, Arnulf Christl
  • ossim, Mark Lucus
  • jump (jump-users and openjump lists), Landon Blake
  • gvsig, trying gvsig at to start
  • opengis/geosptatial, Sam Bacharach
  • sharpmap?
  • mapnik, Artem Pavlenko
  • deegree, lan/lon
  • geowankers, Allan Doyle
  • geowanking ( Gavin direct.
  • kamap-users, -dev, Paul Spencer
  • mapbuilder-users, -dev, Cameron Shorter
  • eogeo, Allan Doyle
  • CEOS WGISS lists, Allan Doyle
  • NASA ESIP lists, Perry Nacionales
  • MapStorer lists, Sebastian Schmitz
  • Chameleon lists, Paul Spencer
  • Geonetwork lists, Jeroen Ticheler
  • osgeo discuss, Tyler Mitchell
  • mapserver-west, Tyler Mitchell
  • MapWindow announce list, Dan Ames
  • More Please...

Code Sprint, Demo Sessions, Lightning Talks Email Campaigning

Promotional email template for advertising Demo sessions, lightning talks and code sprint:

TODO - hive off promotional letter onto a separate page.

Dear OSGEO project leaders!

I would be most grateful if you could forward the following message (redacted to the part 
between ---- 's below) on to your project mailing list(s).

Best regards

Tim Sutton (FOSS4G2008 Code Sprint, Lightning Talks & Demo session coordinator)

-------------------------------- begin promotional email body --------------------------

Free and Open Source Geospatial Conference 2008 (FOSS4G2008)

FOSS4G2008 will be taking place this year in September / October in South Africa. FOSS4G is a 
an annual gathering place for Free and Open Source  projects with a geospatial leaning. The conference venue 
is the Cape Town International Conference Center (CTICC) in the Foreshore area of Cape Town - the beautiful 
'mother city' of South Africa.

Demo Sessions:

We will be holding a demo theatre during tea breaks and lunch times. Demos are a great way to show off your 
work to decision makers, GIS professionals and fellow code crunchers. The demos will be restricted to 10 minutes
 each (including questions and setup time) so they need to be brief and to the point. If you would like to demo 
your project, something you have achieved with FOSS geospatial, or anything else relevant to a geospatial 
practitioner audience, you can register by following the instructions provided on the demo wiki page here:

Lightning Talks:

During the plenary session on Monday 29 July, there will be eight lightning talks of 5 minutes each. Time limits
 will be strictly adhered to and we are looking for the most entertaining, thought provoking and informative 
speeches possible. The speeches will be presented to the entire conference. If you are interested in making a 
lightning speech, or know of any good candidates to give such a speech, please visit the lightning talks wiki 
page to register your interest here:

Code Sprint:

We will be holding an all day code sprint on Saturday 4 October - the day following the end of the main 
conference activities. Given that most FOSS projects are conducted as virtual collaborations over the internet,
 the code sprint is a rare opportunity for you to get together in person with other developers in your project.

The code sprint is also a great opportunity for those who are interested in getting involved in a project to go 
and meet the developers face to face and get some help in getting started with development. If you are not a 
developer, but interested in other aspects of project development, (documentation, creating demonstrator 
implementations of software etc.) the code sprint is an equally good opportunity to collaborate.

We will provide a venue, lunch and refreshments, internet connection and flip charts. If you have other special 
requirements let us know and we will see what we can do.

In order to provide the very best experience for you it would be helpful to get an idea of how many people are 
likely to attend. We have created a Wiki page at:

On this page you can create a section for your project and list the people planning to attend. The page also 
provides a space to help you organise your code sprint day by writing up the goals and preparation work 
needed for your sprint.

Contact Info:

The code sprint, lightning talks & demo session organiser is Tim Sutton ( - 
if you have any questions or special requirements, please don't hesitate to ask. If you haven't 
already registered for the conference, we advise doing so as soon as possible to secure your 
place. Visit the conference registration page at:

------------------------------------- end promotional email body  ----------------

Follows a brain dump list of people (some may not be suitable candidates) to contact to promote the lightning talks, demo sessions and code sprint.

  • Project leaders in first secion of (./)
  • OSGEO Africa chapter (./)
  • CLUG moderators clugadmin at (./)
  • Adriaan van Niekerk (University of Stellenbosch geog dept) avn at (./)
  • Reynet van Niekerk (University of Pretoria geog dept) (./)
  • Article for PositionIT magazine ( (./)
  • maurizio at from MadMappers (./)
  • mick.wilson at UN East Africa (./)
  • Sindile Bidla - ECape Dept Land Affairs (./)
  • Paul Scott (./)
  • Programming clubs
  • Orienteering orgs
  • Geog depts at universities
  • Comp/sci depts at universities
  • Geocachers?

Paper Marketing


  • Position IT (GISSA media partner) Mar/Apr Issue March Advert
  • Position IT May/June Issue - A6 Advert May Advert
  • EIS-Africa Newsletter


  • at least one arcticle in every issue of PositionIT


Placement of Registration form in national journals/magazine (investigating costs for SA)

Postal mailing in SA, Africa & Other states ... past 2007 attendees? (Budget-checking, contributions from LOC on postal address mailing list). (Postal mail wasn't that effective in 2007 - Gavin)

Web Marketing

Placing banner ads one some of the high-traffic open source project sites is a huge source of referrals. The 2007 conference web site received the majority of its referrals from open source web site announcements, with GRASS as the top site.

The following sites need to be approached to do banner placement:

The following sites have committed to doing banner placement:

And see also Public Relations

We have requested the graphics designer who designed the FOSS4G2008 logo to assist with ideas for designs of the logos and banners to place on websites of varios open source organisations, GISSA partners and other regional websites. We had a few ideas centered on the main logo. Those with great graphics skills who want to be creative please help and add to the list.

FOSS4G Logos

Please use the original FOSS4G 2008 logo for advertising, linking etc. Find some jpg images below or get the FOSS4G Logo EPS (ZIP) from the conference web site.

Logo 500x198
Logo 300x119
Web Banner 120x240 #2
Web Banner 120x240 #1
Web Banner 150x50
Web Banner 152x150 #2
Web Banner 152x150 #1

Web Advert Images

Web-advert.jpg Resized image of Position IT advert

LOGO RGB web-edits.jpg



Please write about FOSS4G2008 in your blog. List any blogs or bloggers that are or should be discussing FOSS4G here: