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Whoever is planning to attend FOSS4G needs to book their hotel soon. We have a block of rooms available for you to reserve from in order to SAVE MONEY and have a place to sleep.

The number of rooms held for us will decrease if a significant amount are not used within a certain period of time. There is a chance that you will be stuck with a more expensive room, or in a non-central hotel, hostel or grassy patch to lay your head if you wait until the last minute.

For details on accommodation specials for FOSS4G 2008, see PeopleSA

Share a Room

For anyone who is looking for a roommate to further share costs, add your name/email below to connect with others. Be sure to list what dates you are looking for a room.

  • Name, Date...
  • Tim Bowden, Friday 26th, till Sunday 5th. I've got several beds spare at the Fountain Hotel. Short walk from the conf centre. email me for details if you're interested.

For budget accommodation tips and other ideas about doing it yourself, see FOSS4G2008 DIY