FOSS4G 2009 Meeting 2008-11-12 Geospatial Integration Showcase

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  • Bruce Bannerman (OC)
  • Cameron Shorter (OC)
  • Greg Buehler (OGC)


  1. Bruce Bannerman noted that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) have pledged to sponsor the showcase to the tune of Aust$30,000. BOM will provide a scenario based on Climate Change, and base data. Details in email at:
  1. The OGC will provide hosting services (wiki, email, issue tracker) using the OGC services, and these will be made publicly available.


  1. The Organising Committee need to select a suitable acronym for the project.
  2. The OGC will set up a project.
  3. Bruce will send confirmation email to the FOSS4G list. (Done)
  4. The OGC will promote the showcase through OGC channels and encourage matching funding and participation from other organisations.

Still to secure:

  1. A sponsor for hardware (A server with multiple virtual machines)