FOSS4G 2011 Workshops

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Workshops are 3-hour sessions in a PC classroom, and Tutorials are 90-minute sessions in a conference room. The FOSS4G 2011 Workshop Committee is responsible for the organization of both Workshops and Tutorials.

Workshop Committee Members

  • Ben Tuttle, IRC username: btuttle
  • Jeff McKenna, IRC username: jmckenna
  • Chris Helm, IRC username: chelm
  • Oscar Fonts IRC username: oscarfonts (as last year's Committee chair)


Workshop and Tutorial Selection


FOSS4G 2011 Organization Committee will evaluate workshop and tutorial proposals attending to these criteria:

  1. Meets conference mandate:
    1. Matches with the themes of the conference
    2. Makes use of software that is both "free" and "open source"
  2. Submission's technical requirements can be met by the conference facilities
  3. Demonstrates practical applications
  4. Expected level of attendee interest in the workshop topic
  5. A plus for proposals addressing the special interest topics stated in the Call
  6. Likelyhood of a quality workshop:
    1. Expertise of the workshop presenters in the workshop subject matter
    2. Presenters personal experience presenting workshops at other conferences
    3. Successful workshop presented at prior FOSS4G/GFOSS conferences

Workshop Venue


Schedule (including workshop codes and floor plans)



Requirements: Software, hardware, geodata





  • Jan 15, Opening Call for Workshops/Tutorials
  • Jan 30, Closing Call for Workshops/Tutorials