FOSS4G 2012 LOC members and assignments

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Note: This is the list of the primary contacts for the FOSS4G conference in Beijing. It lists the responsibilities and points to the corresponding contact page of the comitted person. Please extend the list to include all positions required.


Rongguo CHEN - Chair, sponsors, logo

Main Program

  • User:Name
    • Example: Lead for program
    • Example: Catering
  • User:Name
    • Example:Focus on outreach to people who are new to Free and Open Source Software
  • User:Name
    • Example: Focus on open data
    • Example: Manage invitations for Academia in Asia
  • User:Name
    • Example: ...
    • Example: ...


  • User:Name
    • Lead for workshops
  • User:Name
    • Primary contact for technical support for Workshop presenters

Academic track

  • Changxiu Cheng, Xianfeng Song
    • lead for academic track


Conference Logistics, etc