FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting April 19th

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Attendees: SF, IE, JGM, BR, SA, CG, AS, AP, JC, IH, MI, RH

Apologies: Barend Köbben; Franz-Josef (lectures)

Program selection

  • Discuss program selection, do we stick to paper or use the spreadsheet that SF uploaded (via RH)? Precedence to community vote, we focus on streaming and cohesiveness of programme. Steven suggests that all use spreadsheet to rank - using 0/1/2 and personal ranking. Mail to Steven on Tue night for collation.
  • Progress on Community Voting >> Paul to send results on Tue. Lots of chatter.
  • Workshops - 61 submissions, shortlist of 30ish. Could run extra day or incorporate into programme stream. Space to be included for platinum sponsors. Need to present in a sensitive way to keep community on board... Proposal for workshop programme needed for Wed.
  • Academic track - mainly papers for publication.
  • Agree agenda for F2F, timings etc >> Papers: Wed,
  • Plan to have a draft program at end of 25th and publish final version 7th May

Hackathon update

  • Can IE and MI provide an update of progress >> IE: Met Office have a hackathon team who could run it if required - we would do admin stuff. Question over how to get internet access to tent - JM to check on access in each location. Eventbrite will produce list of delegates and we will do badges, catering. Problem statements need to be appropriate for broad FOSS4G community, with LOC input. More attention from hackathon team after this weekend - budget manager in Nott on Thur pm, IE check time.
  • When will we be announcing?

Contract Update

  • JM to update >> EMCC has proposed to up bandwidth for £5k, new contract on way. Gives us 400mb. Agreed. JM to contact.

Academic Track

  • Progress Update


  • 3 new sponsors - GeoMatys (Brz) OpenGeo (Silver) AirGMap (Supporter). LocationTech also in discussion.
  • When can we announce Met Office? (RWH: no idea! Ian has had the Press Release for a while, but he's had no word coming back on whether they have approved it or not or on when they want to announce). >> Ian chasing hard, expected v soon.
  • Already way above budget.


  • Do we sign the nerds? >> One hour show, c. £3k, PA will be needed (AGI have one, maybe we could use). Barry/Claire to liaise on tech requirements. Publicity material needed for dissemination.
  • Other entertainments - can these wait till after program completed. >> Icebreaker, closing party, etc

Call for Maps

  • When do we start? (RWH: we're good to go on after the CV closes).

Other activities?

  • Birds of a feather
  • Code sprints
  • Lightning talks
  • Education meeting (ICA-OSGeo Labs Network )

Publicity Plans

  • Publicising early bird reg (end May) (RWH: PR scheduled for early May)
  • Marketing collateral - what do we need, who will organise?

Academic Bursaries

  • Details to be agreed between SA and AP at f2f


  • Everyone needs to track the progress tab in Basecamp to keep up to date with the flow of stuff going on
  • No real progress with liaison with SotM