FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting February 22nd

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Attendance - Ian, Jeremy, Addy, Rollo, Barry, Antony, Claire, Jo, Franz-Josef,

Apologies - Barend, Suchith, Steven, Mark, Franz-Josef (partially


  • registration is now open and we have 2 registrations!!
  • Prices as stated on the site - £350 early bird and so on.
  • need to get registrations flowing


  • shelley on leave til tuesday
  • everything seems ok, just waiting for wifi to be confirmed
  • need to sign the contract asap as we are pretty much committed to the venue now.
  • wifi - positive that they will be able to work towards what we want but they want us to firm up on what we actually need.
  • if not sorted by the face2face, perhaps JM, MI can have a meeting with shelly and the techie chaps.

Call for presentations

  • Update on numbers of submissions - Claire to update numbers on basecamp.

Call for Workshops

  • Update on numbers of submissions - ditto see above

Hackathon update

  • first of google hangouts has happened (actually 2)
  • Need updates for next meeting!
  • Jo needs a link to the hackathon, Claire may know where it is on EventBrite....

Code Sprint

  • Need updates for next meeting!

Call for Maps

  • Barend volunteers for jury duty and other help (sort of obliged to, since I call myself Cartographer...)
  • Ken has produced a doc which is on basecamp. The big thing at the moment is the logistics around a digital display. Talking to OS to see if they will take a sponsorship lead to shout about it and perhaps supply some big monitors. Also chatting to CASA about the ipad wall.
  • Idea is to have this as a continuing background thing where folk can mill around and see the maps.
  • Will be a judging session and an award session.

Paper selection F2F dates -

  • 24 and 25 April in Nottingham
  • venue - one on Uni campus (colin campbell building) close to venue and cheap.
  • timings - start time 1130 on 24th and finish at 1700 on 25th
  • can everyone think about their travel and enter their arrival times on basecamp (new doc titled F2F to be set up)

Publicity (Marketing & PR)

  • "maptember" : BSR - little site to aid interaction (ADD LINK) Register aliased o the amazon site
  • Press release - enquiries email set up as a central point.
  • RH suggests adding a page on the main site that has press releases/media contact or something
  • RH/AS happy to help write them
  • Claire happy to send them out
  • BUT - who to send them to... we have a massive list of possible recipients. AS has a google doc of where he sent the last press releases.

Comms group - Make a list of folk to send things to, put your name next to your suggestion if you have a link to it then you are responsible for the contact.

Comms group to think of a broader stratergy for the next meeting

ACTION Comms group - they will have a press release prepared for next meeting

Open Source Conference in April

  • Ian is in touch with organisers


  • Need to kick off a group thinking about social and entertainments
  • Make contact through venue to the Nottingham Experiences group who have a list of venues and interesting things/places to go. Action - JM
  • May want to book 1 venue for a larger group. (i.e. nottingham dog stadium, comedy clubs, cricket, fitba aka football)
  • "Nerds" news : BSR 2 nerds 1 show. Who is the contract with? AGI.
  • Mike Parker - AP to contact and find out costs
  • RH - speaking to Nick Crane

Academic Track

  • 18 submissions, 5 from one author
  • nobody from the community I am familiar with (except Maria B)
  • Little bit disappointing -
  • closing tonight
  • perhaps people are looking to submit through the standard track
  • leave the instructions for authors, but clearly state that it is now closed but leave Barend's email address for authors to contact the team.
  • Leave open til Monday


  • Confirmed 19 sponsors
  • redacted*

Keynote speakers

  • Paul Ramsey accepted (can be public)
  • redacted*


  • Need the Bio's for keynotes - can we add these to the website. JM defers this to the comms group to decide how this fits with their PR drive.

Open Source Conference in April

  • Ian is in touch with organisers

Next Call

  • 2 weeks time.....