FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting October

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Update from Academic Track team

Call for Papers - ready to go out: [Science for OS etc, 1st call now, 2nd call with sub procedures (needs system), deadline 1st Feb. TGIS will take 8-10 papers, published online by conf. OSGeo journal similar agreement, not as clear cut, Barend will prepare web and pdf version of CfP asap, More contacts for reviewing committee to be added by all. Decision needed on paper management system. Website currently not robust enough for system? Late 2012 we should be up and running. Confirmed that academic and general paper systems will be separate all through. OSGeo servers will be best if this is possible. BK to carry on.] Paper management system - update by Barry R.? - can it be online end Nov? Publication - agreed:

 top 8-10 to TGIS, agreed with John Wilson
 others in OSGEO Journal, agreed with Mike Landon -- some unclarity on
 editing: we do it, or funding for their editor (approx $3000)?

Reviewing committee: Anyone invited to add suggestions to

Update from Communications Team

Logo > voting in progress (should be complete by time of meeting) [Target wins, RH to contact Naomi Gale. Designer will rework. Abstract review is most complex. Comms group to review this week and recommend - hosting, design, platform. BK to upload CfP to Basecamp] Website > Barry K has drafted new design, feedback needed. Should be implementable quickly Mail lists Other media and publicity Publication of CfP > timeline and process Marketing collateral > list and role/resource allocation needed Website publication milestones > review

Update on Venue Stuff

Contract -we have a draft from venue, needs more negotiation but broadly ok. Key issue is venue numbers. I have posted a Google spreadsheet so that we can play around with delegate numbers and requirements for each day at [Workshops Tue and Wed? Code sprint to be on Mon, or following Sun? Dependant on venue availability. SF to check. Not seen as part of conference, and is largely self-organised - just a venue needed. Quick decision needed. SF to complete Google Doc and arrange call to discuss and tie down. F2F needed for WiFi ] Marquee booking Internet Other

Update on Sponsorship

Feedback on sponsorship packages. [Lowest level to be reduced to £1k. Prominent speaking slot? Would not be keynote. Some discomfort, but we will try to control! ] Target sponsor list Eclipse Other

Update on Programme

Themes and strap line (Geo for All). Topic 'days' and Sub-streams Call for Papers (open: 14th Jan. close: 16th April) CfP system: 'geocommunity' approach: submit abstract against a topic/stream. Open to community-review (annon/non-binding). Final paper selection meeting 29 Apr. Paper submission: Early August? Anonymous selection: fist filter = yes (community)/ final sanity check = no (committee) Other: best paper prize?


Beyond "hello, thanks for offering", what help do we need now from volunteers? Ask for a volunteer to extract a mail list from the posterous site Mail volunteers to say hi and post on osgeo lists to gather more volunteers Seek a volunteer to make a shiny sponsorship pdf [JC to ask William]

LOC Meetings

Schedule for F2F and online meetings [2 weekly, Doodle please] Who gets access to what? Invites to more people - Ian Edwards, Franz Joseph proposed by SF, seconded by JM