FOSS4G 2013 Workshops and Code Sprints Conf Call 27th July

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Date: 2012-07-27 10:45


  • Mark Iliffe
  • Ian Holt
  • Matt Walker

Notes Consider a slight twist on traditional code sprints / workshops incorporating random hacks of kindness alongside Traditional Workshops and Code Sprints on OSGeo projects Running alongside have Random Hacks of Kindness Food and facilities are important... Looking to broaden the audience Look for a mixture of longer and shorter workshops

Actions for next call Come with a wish list for the event so me can work out what needs to be done Ian to talk to Arnulf about how things have been done before and how a theme might tie in

Executive Summary

Collectively we visit code sprints and workshops all the time. We wish to create The Best Experience possible. Broadly we want it to be awesome.