FOSS4G 2017 Bid Process

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  • FOSS4G 2017 will most likely be held in North America.
  • "Letters of Intent" will be accepted from potential Local Organizing Committees (LOC) in North America. If there are no submissions from groups in North America, letters from other regions will then be solicited.
  • If more than one letter of intent is received, the Conference Committee members will vote by each selecting a single letter as their choice. A letter must receive the backing of at least two members to move on to the bid stage.
  • Selected letters will be invited to prepare a full bid based on the usual RFP process.
  • A proposal outlining budget, potential sponsors, LOC members, and venue costs will be required even if only one letter is received.

Summary of Important Dates (AoE)

Release RFP: 2015-07-07
Letters of Intent (Stage 1) due: 2015-07-29
Stage 1 question period: 2015-07-30 to 2015-08-19
Stage 1 decision: 2015-08-26
Proposals (Stage 2) due: 2015-10-19
Stage 2 question period: 2015-10-20 to 2015-11-10
Final decision: 2015-11-18

Letters of Intent

  • Accepted until July 29, 2015
  • Limited to two pages
  • Read the RFP document (below) and answer the following questions:
    • Who is your conference chair?
    • Who else is on your LOC?
    • What is your venue?
    • What makes FOSS4G in your proposed location compelling?

Cameron Shorter, Chair of FOSS4G 2009 suggests also addressing the following questions:

  • Historically, half to three quarters of delegates come from the hosting country / region. Hence it is very valuable to have links with the regional geospatial industries.
  • How do you propose to engage the regional communities in order to attract delegates and sponsors.
  • The more recent conferences have all worked with a professional conference organizer. If you plan to make use of one, please mention them.

RFP Documents

  • RFP containing updated process (RFP)
  • Budget template (file)

Letter of Intent Review

  • Letters of Intent were received from the following local committees:
  • Questions will be asked of LOCs on conference_dev until August 19.
  • Conference committee will vote and results announced on August 26.
    • Letters with 2 votes will be passed on to the proposal stage.
    • If there are no qualified letters from the priority region, then additional regions will be considered or solicited.

Bid Process

  • Bids will be required for selected applicants, due by October 19, 2015.
  • Bids were received from:
  • Questions will be asked of bidders on conference_dev until November 10, 2015.
  • A conference committee teleconference or IRC meeting might be held sometime between November 10 and November 17.
  • Conference committee will vote and results announced on November 18, 2015.