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Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are unstructured timeslots where people can self-organise themselves to discuss topics of interest.

General Information

At the FOSS4G 2022 conference in Firenze, a number of spaces have been reserved for people to flock together in Birds of a Feather sessions.

For reference, an overview of the FOSS4G schedule is available at here.

How to organize a BOF

BoF sessions are informal gatherings of people around a specific topic. BoF's can be held in: BoF rooms or taken off-site for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

The FOSS4G conference provides the spaces, but the setup of the bird-of-feather meetup is done informally using this wiki.


The BoF sessions rooms used are the ones in which the conference takes place, right after the last presentation:

  • Room Verde
  • Room Limonaia
  • Room Onice
  • Room 4
  • Room 6
  • Room 9
  • Room 12 (available all the times, no video projector)
  • Room Modulo 3A
  • Room Hall 3A
  • Room Hall 3B (available all the times, no video projector)

We will also put a BoF organizing board on site for better organization.

Thursday 25 August (8:00 - 9:00)

TODO: Room name

TODO: BoF title

  • Description: TODO
  • Person to contact: TODO

Who is coming:

  • TODO

Onice Room

Italian Remote sensing workshops program

  • Description:
  • Person to contact: Alessandro Frigeri, Paolo Dabove

Who is coming

  • Alessandro Frigeri
  • Paolo Dabove
  • Luca Delucchi (maybe)
  • Stefano Campus (TBC)

Room 4

Earth Observation Open Science principles vs practice

  • Description:

Developing code is an integral part of doing (geo)science. With open access to data, code and publications, science has a better chance to become more reproducible and trustworthy. In the realm of Earth Observation, more and more open source projects are being developed for the benefit of a large community of interested users but there are still issues and misconceptions.

What are the motivations taking you and your organisation towards adopting (or hoping to adopt) an Open Science approach? How far did you go to open up data, algorithms and results? What obstacles did you encounter? How can funding bodies (ESA, NASA, European Commission etc.) help advance EO Science supporting open principles? We would like to discuss these questions and much more in this Birds of a Feather. You do not need to have direct experience with open science to attend this meeting, everybody is welcome!

Who is coming:

  • Stefanie Lumnitz
  • Anca Anghelea
  • Claudia Vitolo
  • Codrina Ilie
  • Markus Neteler
  • Jonas Eberle
  • (your name here)

Thursday 25 August ( Mid Day )

Room 12

15:15 (3:15pm)

What is the Daylight OpenStreetMap Distribution?

- Description: Daylight OSM is a distribution of OSM that is released monthly after being validated to ensure high quality by removing vandalism, correcting geometries, and fixing broken relations. These changes are all made in OSM, so everyone benefits. Daylight is released as both a planet file and on AWS in an analysis-ready format. Interested in OSM data with a guarantee of high quality and no vandalism? Come to this BoF.

- Person to contact: Jennings Anderson

15:45 (3:45pm)

Meta Maps: RapiD, Mapillary

- Join the maps team from Meta to meet the engineers behind the RapiD editor for OpenStreetMap and the community team that supports Mapillary and RapiD.

- Person to contact: Edoardo Neerhut, Chris Beddow, Bryan Housel, Ben Clark

Thursday 25 August (18:15 - 19:15)

Room 9

Charter members F2F

  • Description: Get to know each other and talk about our duties.
  • Person to contact: Vicky Vergara

Who is coming:

  • Vicky Vergara
  • Zoltan Siki
  • Luca Delucchi (maybe)
  • Ariel Anthieni (maybe)

Room Verde


Who is coming:

  • Vaclav (Vashek) Petras
  • Anna Petrasova
  • Markus Neteler

Room Limonaia

GeoServer BoF

  • Description: GeoServer is flocking awesome
  • Person to contact: Jody Garnett

Who is coming:

  • Jody Garnett
  • Andrea Aime
  • Ian Turton

Room 4


  • Description: Let's talk about STAC - nothing planned, just a venue to meet other persons working with STAC.
  • Person to contact: Matthias Mohr

Who is coming:

  • Darren Wiens
  • James Banting
  • Alex Leith
  • Pete Gadomski
  • Asger Petersen
  • Jonas Eberle
  • Marian Neagul
  • ...

Room 6

Meet Planet / NICFI Satellite Data Program

  • Description: Learn about the NICFI Satellite Data Program (, its users, and discuss how Planet’s high-resolution, analysis-ready mosaics can help reduce and reverse the loss of tropical forests, combat climate change, conserve biodiversity, and facilitate sustainable development.
  • Person to contact: Luisa Teixeira

Who is coming:

  • TODO

Room Onice

OSGeo and OGC collaboration

  • Description: Let's talk about all the cool opportunities that the newly refreshed OSGeo - OGC MoU brings to our communities!
  • Person to contact: Tom Kralidis, Joana Simoes

Who is coming:

  • Tom Kralidis
  • Joana Simoes
  • Codrina Ilie
  • Marian Neagul

Room 12 (no projector)

Data catalogues and metadata

  • Description: Gather around to exchange ideas and visions about how to make better data catalogues, improve interoperability and better handle metadata (viewing, authoring, harvesting...). This is not an experts discussion: all profiles welcome, even if just for listening/out of curiosity!
Please note that this is oriented towards the INSPIRE/ISO metadata world; please attend the STAC BoF if you're more interested in earth observation :)
  • Person to contact: Olivier Guyot (olivier.guyot[at]

Who is coming:

  • Jeroen Ticheler
  • Paul van Genuchten

TODO: Room name

TODO: BoF title

  • Description: TODO
  • Person to contact: TODO

Who is coming:

  • TODO

Friday 26 August (8:00 - 9:00)

TODO: Room name

TODO: BoF title

  • Description: TODO
  • Person to contact: TODO

Who is coming:

  • TODO

Friday 26 August (10:45)

Meet @ Registration Desk

How to Capture with Mapillary - Hands on

  • Description: Mapillary is street-level imagery platform scales and automate mapping. We’re hosting hands-on session on how to capture with Mapillary BoF. We will be capturing street-level imagery around in Florence old town. These collected imagery will be used mapping POIs. Everyone welcome to join mapping Florence with us!
  • Meeting point: FOSS4G Conference Registiration desk
  • Time: 10:45 CET
  • Notes: Do not forget to bring your smartphone and powerbank if you have one :)
  • Person to contact: Said Turksever, Christopher Beddow