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Brief outline of a proposed quick funding application to #insert large search engine company here for work on the Geodata Repository, refining and documenting the Geodata Metadata Model and interfaces, integrating with FAO GeoNetwork's data distribution and search frontend, and developing dynamic packaging of data from OGC web services.

All the below need a paragraph of detail explaining what would be done.

Work Getting Done

  • Data wrangling - work on getting data into good form and clean for redistribution. Including filling holes in SRTM and making IP clean packaged redistributions of VMap0. 40 hours - MN? cf Geodata processing at
  • OWS setup and dynamic data repackaging - providing on-the-fly generation of packages of data+metadata from OGC Web Services - for use both in educational / tutorial contextand for offline use where web bandwidth may not be easily available 60 hours - NHV if time? HB?
  • Model + engine implementation - 50 hours - JW?
  • Work on OWSLib - python package at level of GeoTools. Needs completed according to the new API extended and WCS / WLD support added 40 hours - SG?
  • If more software / client angle needed, Work porting GeoAPI and SLD/WFS-T support in OWSLib - 20 hours - maybe supporting catalog client work - 20 hours - JG?
  • Documentation / coordination - handling bottlenecks with staggered tasks - documenting entire process as a 'blueprint' to be able to replicate repository in detailed way - best practise etc 40 hours - NH?
  • Systems support & stress testing - 20 hours + maybe build testing / distribution - 20 hours - HJG

In addition SDE and CRS have been working on interface components majorly in OpenLayers and it is likely some of their time would become a defacto in kind contribution on the part of MetaCarta, who are interested in this kind of project and are attempting to "give more back" to the open source/open data community.


This represents about a week of work for most people. I don't envisage this happening all at once; some of it will have to be staged due to mutual interdependencies. Essentially people can fit in hours within a "scope" up to a deadline as appropriate and if blocks or bottlenecks form this gets figured out as we go.

None of this has been really discussed with the potential involvees and is currently fantasyland - JoWalsh