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This page is a collection of ideas to be discussed at the September F2F meeting in Denver, Colorado at FOSS4G.

To start off we need to understand the existing strategic vision of OSGeo. Then we need to encourage a dialog on where OSGeo is headed and what activities it should undertake to promote and advance OSGeo-related projects.

Collection of Ideas

This is just a brain storm, please reorder, add and delete at will.

  • Improve OSGeo visibility to users
  • Certification program
  • Become more domain specific: (logistics, environmental, agriculture, forestry,

mining, etc.)

  • Interoperate more with mainstream (GeoBI, GeoETL, GeoEAI, GeoCRM, etc.)
  • Improve Documentation
  • Improve translations
  • Improve interaction between OSGeo and Local Chapters
  • GIS Usage vs. GIS software development
  • Add more Global perspective.
  • attract more sponsorship / funding for OSGeo
  • Support regional FOSS4G events
  • Improve OSGeo's use in educational programs at all levels?
  • Foster adoption by local governments
  • Enhance direct dialog between the software groups and our education group
  • Track memberships (small fee) and specifically state member benefits