Francophone Chapter Report 2008

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Francophone local chapter

  • Contact name: Yves Jacolin

Key Accomplishments

  • Géoévénement tradeshow 2008 : april 2008 (open source village, booth, conferences)
  • new board elected : june 2008
  • Legal association : august 2008
  • OSGeo Journal translation
  • IGN (France) - OSGeo-fr meeting : november 2008
  • Nomination of one Quebec local chapter representative as a member (in charge of the free software committee) of the OSGeo-fr board. It contributes to streghten relationships and collaboration with the Quebec local chapter.

Areas for Improvement

  • encourage people to contribute more to translation projects
  • create a marketing package and help people in organizing booth on events
  • attract additional contributors and project managers
  • improve communication in the francophone geospatial community

Opportunities to Help

  • help in translating QGIS documentation and OSGeo Journal: need for translators and proof readers
  • help in organizing OSGeo-fr booth on different events: OGRS 2009, Rencontre Sig la Lettre, Paris Capital du Libre, etc.
  • help in marketing duties: flyer, booth, OSGeo-fr website

Outlook for 2009

  • continue and achieve the set up of the legal association
  • work on new projets: doc translation, datas, etc.