FunCom Meeting 3

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Proposed date: Tuesday Aug 29nd. 2006

Proposed time: 1600 UTC (noon EST, 9:00am PST)

Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo



  1. Making "Past Sponsors" optional.
  2. Dropping "Past Sponsors" off the list after two years.
  3. Give a name for sponsors less than Silver (perhaps Associate or Friend of project).
  4. Possibly just use paypal donations for small contributions.
  5. Clarify that much of the fundraising bookkeeping could be done by the ED or a bookkeeper rather than the Treasurer directly.
  6. Need to clarify the value add of OSGeo to project sponsorship. Financial transparency, etc
  7. Should we reduce or remove OSGeo overhead on "earmarked sponsorships"? Decided not to for now.
  8. Possibly realign level names, and cutoffs with the foundation sponsorships.
  9. Apply OSGeo overhead portion of sponsorships towards OSGeo foundation sponsorships.
  10. We need to run this past the projects for review before approving.
  1. Earmarking ... decided it was better to handle this as project sponsorships.
  2. Make sure some sort of sponsor visibility on the OSGeo main page (perhaps a rotating logo/link?)
  • The committee passed a motion approving the Foundation Sponsorship proposal, and forwarding to the board of directors for approval, with the intent to implement post-haste.
  • Agreed to meeting against next week to roll out foundation sponsorship, and possibly approve project sponsorship.
  • Meeting closed.
  • Motion to adopt Project Sponsorship proposal passed by email vote (closing 25th October, 2006).