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Has the project been approved for incubation by the OSGeo board?
Yes, GDAL is a board approved "founding project".
Has an OSGeo committee member been assigned as Mentor?
Yes, Paul Spencer is assigned as mentor.

Infrastructure Transition

Has the domain been populated with the projects we presence? and domains both work and are hosted on a telascience blade (also is still the primary url for the project.
Is the OSGeo bug tracker being used for the project?
Yes. GDAL is using
Is the OSGeo mailing list manager being used for the project?
The gdal-dev list remains hosted at to avoid disruption. The new gdal-announce and gdal-commits lists are hosted on
Is the OSGeo SVN or CVS system being used for the project?
Yes, OSGeo subversion is being used.
Are binary and source downloads available from the OSGeo download area?
Source, documentation and test suite files are available in the OSGeo download area ( Only limited binaries are available there. Currently the GDAL project only supplies binaries for win32. Other efforts, like FWTools and FGS provide binaries for other platforms.

Community Functioning

Is there a functioning user support mechanisms (ie. mailing list)?
Yes, the gdal-dev list is currently the primary mechanism for user support. Most questions are answered reasonably promptly. Traffic averages 10 messages per day.
Are source and binary downloads for the package available?
Yes. Source is available from the project page. Binaries are provided as part of FWTools. Currently there are no "release binaries" offered as part of the project.
Has a Project Steering Committee been formed, and given control of the project?
Yes, the project steering committee has been selected, and RFC1 governing it's operation has been adopted. The members are Frank Warmerdam (chair), Andrey Kiselev, Daniel Morissette, Howard Butler and Tamas Szekeres.
Does the Project Steering Committee have documentation on project procedures for PSC decisions, contributor guidelines, etc.
RFC1 defines the role of the PSC. Contributor guidelines are adopted and documented in RFC3. All current commiters have agreed to the commiter guidelines.
How many active developers are there? Are they from multiple organizations?
There are approximately 29 current committers that have contributed within the last year. They are from a wide variety of organizations and some are individuals.

Foundation Membership

Have project documents been updated to reflect membership in the foundation, and the relationship of the project to the foundation?
Yes, details on membership and governance have been prepared on the GDAL Governance Page.
Has an effort been made to brand the project web site with OSGeo foundation web styling and branding marks?
The GDAL pages describe GDAL participation in OSGeo. No other effort at branding has been defined or applied.

Code Copyright Review

Has a Code Provenance Review document been prepared for the project?
A document is under constructions at GDAL Provenance Review though a few areas remain to be investigated.
Have issues raised in the provenance review been adequately addressed?
Many have been resolved, but some remain. Most outstanding issues (marked TO_RESOLVE in the provenance review) now have GDAL bug tickets associated with them.