GSoC 2019 Adding Augmented Reality (AR) support to the MapMint4ME Android Application

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This project aims to include the Augmented Reality (AR) support to MapMint4ME Android Application. This will allow the user to capture images with different objects marked on the image frame in real time. This will lead to storing more information about the location.MapMint4ME is an android application for MapMint web-service. MapMint is an internet-based Geographic Information System(GIS), designed to facilitate the deployment of Spatial Data Infrastructure(SDI). In an SDI, geographic data, metadata, tools, and the users are connected in an interactive manner in a framework so as to use the spatial information in an efficient and flexible way.

The MapMint is built on top of the ZOO-Project. The ZOO-Project is an SDI manager which gives the users the capability of building their own map and web-applications.

Project proposal

My proposal for GSoC 2019 can be found at: Proposal.

Advantages from this project

While capturing images most of the time people want to add some extra visual information with the image captured. Presently if we want to add extra features we have to take image edit image by placing the object and save the image. After addition of Augmented Reality (AR) support to the Android application, people can see the changes in realtime and capture image by placing an object exactly where they want. This improves the process of information gathering.

Link to Github repository: Repo


6th May - 27th May

Community bonding period:

  1. What I have done during this period?
  • Introduced myself over the channel and shared my proposal over mailing list for suggestions
  • Communicated with mentors and learned about community, working, etc. It was a great experience talking with experts in the domain
  • Created a wiki page for the project "Adding Augmented Reality (AR) support to the MapMint4ME Android Application"
  • Forked the repository of MapMint4ME android application Repo
  • Updated wiki User page and added my personal information User
  • Updated links on the wiki Google_Summer_of_Code_2019_Accepted page Link
  • Joined MapMint Slack Workspace created by mentors which we will be used as a mode of communication over the GSoC 2019 period
  • Environment setup of MapMint4ME android application on my personal system on Android Studio.
  • Gone through the working of the application user interface and code
  • Discussed with the mentors their expectations over the GSoC 2019 project period
  • Mentors suggested that we could use Cloud Anchor for registering the change in water level and share those images between different devices

Week 1 - 4 (27th May - 24th June)

Coding Phase 1:

  • Week 1 (27th May- 2nd June)  :
  1. What I completed this week?
  1. What am I going to achieve for next week?
  • Complete the work for Cloud Anchor support to transfer data on Google cloud and load to a different device
  • Test the Cloud Anchor support
  1. Is there any blocking issue?
  • Android Virtual Device is being used to test the app but it's slow and sometimes doesn't even works.

  • Week 2 (3rd June - 9th June)  :
  1. What I completed this week?
  • Added Cloud Anchor support to MapMint4ME Repo link
  • Completed the work for Cloud Anchor support to transfer data on Google cloud
  1. What am I going to achieve for next week?
  • Test the Cloud Anchor support for different devices
  • Use cloud Anchors for identifying water surface level changes.
  1. Is there any blocking issue?
  • I have to test the app on different devices which are presently not available.

24th June - 28th June

  • Evaluation Phase 1: First evaluation period. Mentors will evaluate my code written in week 1-4.

Week 5 - 8 (24th June - 22nd July)

  • Coding Phase 2: I plan to add support to calculate area and distance of the object selected in the scene in this phase. I will try to add support to place markers in image and finding distance between them. Extra work of finding the speed of the flowing water can also add in the third week of this phase. Last week I will try to complete work and start testing components and trying it over real space.

22nd July - 26th July

  • Evaluation Phase 2: Second evaluation period. Mentors evaluate my phase 2 code written in week 5 -8.

Week 9 - 12 ( 22th July - 19th August)

  • Testing and documentation: I have planned to use this 4 weeks for testing and documentation of the work. I can use the first week of this phase if any work is left from the previous schedule but last three weeks I will work on testing it on different devices and creating perfect documentation on the work done.

Student's Biography

My name is Aditya Vitthalrao Chondke. I am a Computer Science graduate, pursuing my Master's degree in Geoinformatics and Natural Resources Engineering under Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India. Some more information about me can be obtained by following the link: User