Geodata Committee Thirteenth Meeting

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Chair: Jo Walsh 
 Voice: Conference Call
 IRC backup: #osgeo channel on (or via Web based IRC client)
 Date: 2007-June-14 (at least in the Americas and Europe)
 Time: 1500 GMT / 1100 East Coast / 1700 Europe (fixed time)


  • DCLite4G - minimal abstract model begun as the Geodata Metadata Requirements - next steps?
  • Update on telascience systems - a lot of data is available and documented on the wiki at Geodata Repository, particularly MartinSpott's data integration work for flightgear. How to get a UI up quickly or connect better with catalog standards?
  • FOSS4G, redistributing Canadian public geodata - a neat demo could help generate a lot of press interest in open access *and* in FOSS4G - what can we do that's simple and fun?
  • Please add agenda items