Google Summer of Code 2013 Improvements

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This page collects suggestions and ideas for improvement of OSGeo Google Summer of Code

See last year's improvement suggestions page for more details. --HB
  • IRC: We've launched an OSGeo GSoC IRC channel: #osgeo-soc on the Freenode network. Should we actively promote it or try to keep things on the ML or in the open at #osgeo? Idea being to promote any tool that fosters informal peer support among the students/mentors beyond the weekly reports. To log it or keep things low key & off the record? (so folks are less afraid to ask silly questions) --HB
  • FOSS4G-NA meetup: Anyone going to FOSS4G-NA in Minneapolis, May 22–24? It would be great to have a birds-of-a-feather meetup of mentors and prospective students! --HB
going? let us know :)
  • Better define community bonding period: Note this time should also be used for doing further reading and getting the full build toolchain working -- the latter being a great excuse to have a little back and forth with the community, asking for tips about the best way to configure it and send patches etc. Coding should begin at the start; the summer is too short to let 3rd week reports of "still doing some reading about it and trying to get it to build" happen. --HB
  • Expand the question list for student weekly reports: The full question list can be closer to the list shown by Systers' GSoC process:
    • What have you accomplished this week (list specific items accomplished)?
    • What issues or roadblocks have you encountered this week?
    • Have they been resolved, and if so, how?
    • Do any of the issues or roadblocks still exist and what steps have been taken to resolve them?
    • Is further assistance necessary to resolve existing issues?
    • What do you plan to accomplish next week?
    • How does your progress compare to your project schedule?

  • Add your idea here: Explain it here.

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