GvSIG GSoC 2015 Ideas

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Use this page to jot down and develop any good idea for the Google Summer of Code 2015 program with gvSIG project. Please, use the gvSIG mailing lists for discussion and check Google Summer of Code 2014 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 ideas pages for examples or reference.

Add OpenCL support with Aparapi for Geoprocessing in gvSIG desktop

  • Product: gvSIG Desktop
  • Possible mentor: If applicable
  • Possible student: Anish Chandran

Aparapi is a library which allows Java developers to take advantage of the compute power of GPU and APU devices by executing data parallel code fragments on the GPU rather than being confined to the local CPU. It does this by converting Java bytecode to OpenCL at runtime and executing on the GPU, if for any reason Aparapi can't execute on the GPU it will execute in a Java thread pool.

Large amounts of geographic data-processing might be involved in the execution of a geoprocess. And many geoprocessing algorithms are suitable to be converted to parallel code, allowing for much better execution performance and capacity.

The objective would be to integrate the Aparapi library in gvSIG, so it might be used in the development of new parallel geoprocessing algorithms which take advantage of current GPUs. Also some geoprocesses would have to be developed or converted to use the Aparapi library to check the benefits and the proper operation of the idea.

Port Network Analysis Extension to gvSIG 2.x branch

  • Product: gvSIG Desktop
  • Mentors: Joaquín del Cerro, Fran Peñarrubia
  • Student: Eva Rodríguez

Port gvSIG Network Analysis Extension from 1.12 release to the new 2.x branch.

Network Analysis extension allows to calculate routes, service areas, origin - destination matrices, connectivity analysis... It supports speeds for several vehicles, barriers, turn costs, etc.

The goal of this project is to create a plugin in 2.x branch with the same functionalities than the original Network Extension. To do so, the new DAL (Data Access Layer should be used)

Skills needed: Java, Eclipse development. Some notions about Maven would be interesting.

CartoDB plugin for gvSIG desktop

  • Product: gvSIG Desktop
  • Mentors: Óscar Martínez, Joaquín del Cerro
  • Student: Juan Luis Gómez

CartoDB is a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud computing platform that provides GIS and web mapping tools for display in a web browser.

It will allow to view, create, edit or delete data from CartoDB accounts using gvSIG Desktop.

Add tests and educational games support to gvSIG Educa

  • Product: gvSIG Desktop
  • Mentors: Óscar Martínez, Francisco Díaz
  • Student: Carlos Colombana

The objective would be to extend the thematic maps support already available to allow to design and play tests and educational games, to be used in geography and maps learning.

Expand the capabilities of Jython scripting for gvSIG Desktop

  • Product: gvSIG Desktop
  • Possible mentor:
  • Possible students: Sandeep Kumar

Expand the capabilities of Jython scripting in gvSIG Desktop as geoprocessing, reports,...

Integrating R library into gvSIG Desktop

  • Product: gvSIG Desktop
  • Possible mentor:
  • Possible students:

The main idea behind this project is about integrating the R library into gvSIG Desktop. R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.