GvSIG Report 2008

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Key Accomplishments

  • The community portal (http://www.gvsig.org) allowed to publish:
    • User documentation (in several languages)
    • Tehcnical documentation (at this moment only in Spanish)
    • A catalog of contributions (new extensions, non-official gvSIG releases, more documentation, etc.)
  • gvSIG mailing lists have grown in subscribers (more than 2300, see numbers below) and a new mailing list has been created for the the Italian community
  • The project source repository has been published at http://subversion.gvsig.org for gvSIG and gvSIG Mobile
  • A new public FTP repository has been published at ftp://gvsig.org
  • Releases of gvSIG extensions and releases during 2008:
  • International events where gvSIG project has been officially represented:
    • TopCart, Valencia, Spain
    • Primer simposio GIS Educación en América Latina, Quito, Ecuador
    • II Jornadas SIG Libre, Girona, Spain
    • FOSSGIS2008, Freiburg, Germany
    • Primo incontro degli utenti italiani di gvSIG, Trieste, Italy
    • XXII International Geodesy Students Meeting, Valencia, Spain
    • AGIT, Salzburg, Germany
    • 1er encuentro Geomática Libre, Mérida, Venezuela
    • FOSS4G2008, Cape Town, South Africa
    • Open Source World Conference, Málaga, Spain
    • Intergeo, Bremen, Germany
    • Latinoware'08, Foz de Iguazú, Brasil
    • Jornadas para las Infraestructuras de Datos Espaciales de España, Tenerife, Spain
    • III Congreso de Software Libre de la Comunitat Valenciana, Alicante, Spain

gvSIG Commons

Aiming to produce reusable components not only for gvSIG software but also for other Java FOSS projects, gvSIG project is releasing some products as independent sub-projects at the gvSIG Commons initiative. At this moment the Open Scene Graph Virtual Planets project is releasing versions and is published also at the SVN (http://subversion.gvsig.org/osgvp)

4th gvSIG Conference

The 4th gvSIG Conference was a succesful event with more than 600 delegates where gvSIG developers and users presented their last year experiences. In the same context (the Valencia Conference Centre) a OGC TC/PC meeting and the first Spanish Eclipse Day took place.

There were 9 workshops to show last gvSIG features as well as more than 30 presentations and plenary sessions.

Hall of the Valencia Conference Centre

Hall of the Valencia Conference Centre

Plenary session

Conference Hall (Photo by Jorge Sanz) Session (Photo by Camino Rodero) Session (Photo by Verónica Navarro)


These are approximate numbers about gvSIG releases downloads during 2008 (as of 17 of December of 2008):

Version Binaries Sources (no SVN)
1.9alpha 1186 0
1.1.2 56.504 30.380
1.1.1 41.791 757
1.1 50.647 2.238
1.0.2 17.700 0
Mobile 0.1 3.387 3978
Pilots and extensions
Pilots Downloads
jCRS 1.869
Raster 12.791
3D 3.679
Synchro 963
Publishing 738
Manuals Downloads Courses Downloads
1.0 2.036 0.3 1.731
Mobile 2.501 1.0 2.070
Mobile install 4129 1.1 8.759
1.1 32.142 Extension dev. 1.588
1.0 install 740
Scripting 527
Metadata 1.760
Roadmap 5.317

Other statistics

Known countries where gvSIG is beeing used
  • gvSIG GUI translated in more than 20 languages
  • Mailing lists subscribers:
    • Users: 1255
    • Developers: 618
    • International: 521
    • Italian: 160
  • Known countries with registered users: 42
  • Known countries where gvSIG has been downloaded: 59

Areas for Improvement

gvSIG project needs to:

  • Open the bug tracking system
  • Open the gvSIG project organization to the community
  • Stablish a fixed release schedule (like Ubuntu Linux)
  • Create more technical documentation in English

Opportunities to Help

  • Test gvSIG and report bugs and annoyances at mailing lists
  • Write use cases and report them
  • Offer services (development, training) with gvSIG
  • Propose new features and discuss them on the mailing lists
  • Help us joining the testing team for a more formal work
  • Help us and join the translation group

Outlook for 2009

  • Start a new organization to strength the project and allow new companies, universities and public administrations to participate actively on the project management
  • Start a community-driven formal testing
  • Release a stable version of gvSIG with new features:
    • Refactored data access (hopefully without users taking account of it)
    • New symbology support
    • Raster analysis (classification, principal components analysis, mosaic, etc.)
    • Network geoprocessing
    • Topology creation, editing and validating
    • 3D support
    • And others: LIDAR, geocoding, reports and charts, WPS,...
  • Release a stable version of gvSIG Mobile with new features:
    • Refactored core with gvSIG desktop compatibility
    • Full editing
    • Custom forms
    • Phone ME support (finally a trully free JVM for PDA!)
    • GPS library
    • OpenMoko and Android versions