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At FOSS4G2009 we held a Bird of a Feather session to brainstorm how to demonstrate to potential users that the OSGeo software is suitable to publish data in compliance with the INSPIRE directive data schemas.

With one or two working use cases we can demonstrate that OSGeo software meets the requirements of INSPIRE.

Please add your input, suggestions, ideas, contribution.


We will work on example use cases that demonstrate the creation of INSPIRE compliant data.

Jeroen: I would like to add a working example to the default GeoNetwork opensource installation, providing an INSPIRE compliant data service through the embedded GeoServer.


To be defined

Example use cases

  • Create a workflow based on an ETL. Options here are Talend ETL and GeoKettle
  • GeoServer 2 serving two cross-boundary road maps as INPIRE Transport networks data.
  • INSPIRE-compliant WFS for Annex I themes Addresses and Cadastral Parcels by The Dutch Kadaster
    • create a "pure" INSPIRE PostGIS database (model) for these Annex I themes
    • create an INSPIRE-compliant WFS (Deegree) on top of this PostGIS database
    • transform an XML export of local data into target data model (XSLT generating PostGIS INSERT statements)

Sample data

Please attach sample data here.

  • Some sample cross-boundary data from the cross boundary project in Germany-Belgium-Netherlands

Interested participants

A mailing list has been setup, please subscribe and add your name below:

inspire-data at mailinglist

A Google group dealing with implementation details is also available: INSPIRE-FOSS development

  • Claude Philipona - CamptoCamp
  • Maria Brovelli - Politecnico di Milano
  • Hanko Rubach - lat/lon
  • Stephan Meißl - EOX
  • Thomas Bleier - Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Rob Atkinson - CSIRO
  • Heikki Doeleman - GeoCat
  • Jose Garcia - GeoCat
  • Jeroen Ticheler - GeoCat
  • Cédric Moullet - Camptocamp
  • Thijs Brentjens - Brentjens Geo-ICT
  • Just van den Broecke - Just Objects
  • Jo Cook- OA Digital
  • Jo Walsh - EDINA / Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Paul van Genuchten- Nieuwland
  • Margherita Di Leo - JRC, Italy