I was there when it happened

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[21:24:22] <FrankW> news item posted.
[21:24:32] <-- FrankW has left channel #osgeo
[21:24:41] <zool> okay, dog hats are go, i just need a sewing machine
[21:24:44] <zool> :O
[21:24:56] --> FrankW (n=nnnnncha@ip-209-172-33-142.reverse.privatedns.com) has joined channel #osgeo
[21:25:09] <mloskot> zool: I only see dog t-shirt
[21:25:59] <zool> i don't think i've ever seen FrankW *leave irc* before - that was surreal
[21:26:43] <FrankW> It was just a random click error.  Nothing to see here,  everyone move along.