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Proposed date: Monday March 13th 2006.

Proposed time: 12:00 noon EST (GMT+5), 9:00am PST. - Fixed time around the world

Proposed location: #osgeo IRC channel on


  • Appoint the following individuals to the committee: Mark Lucas, Cameron Shorter, Steve Lime, Arnulf Christl, Jody Garnett and Rich Steele.
  • Review and extend TODO list.
  • Review MapGuide work on incubation process so far.


The meeting was called to order at 12:01 EST, Monday March 13th, 2006.

In attendence were Frank Warmerdam (chair), Steve Lime, Chris Holmes, Daniel Brookshier, Robert Bray (partial), Sean Gilles, Norman Vine, Markus Neteler (partial).

  1. DanielB moved to add Mark Lucas, Cameron Shorter, Steve Lime, Arnulf Christl, Jody Garnett and Rich Steele to the committee. Seconded by Chris Holmes. The motion carried. It was noted that Markus is informally representing GRASS at this time.
  2. The incubator TODO list was reviewed, and a few items were added to it. In particular:
    • Projects need to setup "project domain" with DanielB.
    • Develop an incubation roadmap template.
    • Prepare project status wiki pages.
    • Move towards tracking project status in the ProjectTracker once we have process hammered out.
  3. It was discussed whether we should use the project tracker for tracking incubation status. It was decided that for now we would use a wiki page per project since we don't have a firm process to encode into the project tracker. But that we might use the project tracker in the future once the process is ironed out.
  4. DanielB asked about project requests that have been submitted. It was confirmed that the Incubator is not soliciting or accepting new projects till we have the process down with our initial eight. Furthermore, DanielB would notify project applications of this, and add any serious project requests to a wiki page off the IncCom Wiki page.
  5. There was some discussion of subprojects, and it was acknowledged that we will need to come to terms with these, but that for now subprojects would essentially be treated as part of their parent project. eg FDO
  6. There was a lengthy discussion the contributor agreement and the ability of the foundation to relicence code contributed under it. This is a pointe of issue for several GRASS contributors as GRASS is under the GPL. Also discussed was email from Eric Raymond discouraging us from using contributor agreements at all. Without Rich present we weren't able to come to any firm conclusions. But it was generally agreed that whether or not the contributor agreement should allow relicensing was still open to discussion. And further that whether we need to use contributor agreements at all is worth further discussion.
  7. Bob gave a status report on MapGuide OS. From a technical point of view MapGuide is living on Bob is still the PSC, and no PSC formation document has been written up, so this is a next step. No IP issues anticipated.
  8. We discussed the need for a Mentor, or Incubator Committee representative for each project (someone outside the project). The mentor would normally support new projects coming into the "foundation culture", but since we are all new that is a bit vague. After some discussion it was decided that DanielB would be assigned the mentor role for all the eight current projects. Some work on defining the role will be needed. The mentor also attempts to report objectively to the committee on project progress through the incubation process.
  9. Next meeting was scheduled for Monday March 20th at 2:00pm EST.
  10. Meeting closed at 1:20pm.