IncCom Meeting11

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Proposed date: Monday October 29th 2007

Proposed time: 18:00 UTC - Fixed time around the world (2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST)

Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo (alternative Web client).


  • Approve minutes from IncCom Meeting10.
  • Approve Cameron Shorter as GeoTools Mentor.
  • Discuss the four pending applications, and by poll identify one to propose for incubation.
  • Discuss, and possible approve the Project Graduation Checklist.
  • Discuss readiness of other projects to graduate.
  • Discuss with intent of taking responsibility for and publishing OSGeo Labs process.
  • Discuss need for legal support, and whether we ought to have a laywer review every project before graduation.


In attendance: DanielM, FrankW, PaulS, SchuylerE, SteveL, BobB, CameronS, MateuszL, JorgeS, HowardB, ChrisS, PaulR, JodyG, and JulienSamuelL.

  • Minutes of IncCom Meeting10 approved.
  • Motion to remove Daniel Brooksheir, and Rich Steele from the committee approved.
  • Motion to add Jeroen Ticheler approved.
  • Agreed to contact ADSK staff IP lawyer to join the committee or at least join the list (Jennifer I think). Action: FrankW, noted that she will be on leave for another month or two.
  • Motion to name Cameron Shorter as GeoTools mentor approved.
  • It was agreed that we need some help from Jose educating us on ORCHESTRA before we will be comfortable recommending it for incubation.
  • It was agreed that GEOS is our preferred project for the empty incubation slot. Action: FrankW will make a motion on the mailing list in this regard.
  • The Project Graduation Checklist was approved after some editing. Action: FrankW to migrate to public website as an official document.
  • Project status of various projects discussed.
  • Discussed Incubation Committee taking responsibility for OSGeo Labs. It was decided to keep things relatively informal but to designate Julien-Samuel Lacroix to be responsible for OSGeo Labs with the understanding that he will take a proposal to the board within a few months. Julien was also added as a member of the incubator.
  • Requirements for legal support - particularly a required legal review by a laywer for each project before graduation - was discussed. It was decided to have CameronS prepare a proposal for how this would work, and to have the proposal reviewed and commented on by an appropriate lawyer as to usefulness, and likely cost.
  • An email motion on January 18th for GDAL to be recommended for graduation was adopted January 25th with support from JodyG, CameronS, MarkusN, HowardB, ArnulfC, Julien-SamuelL, DanielM, and PaulS.

See full IRC logs for detailed meeting discussions.