IncCom Meeting19

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  • Location: IRC channel #osgeo (alternative Web client).


1) Approve minutes from IncCom Meeting18

2) From email list

  • OSGeo board has approved PostGIS for graduation (congrats? blog post?)
  • OSGeo board has accepted ZOO-Project into incubation
  • OSGeo board has accepted Opticks into incubation

3) Status update from mentors or team representatives

  • ZOO-Project / FrankW
  • rasdaman / Bruce Bannerman (Jody Backup)
  • Opticks / Mark Lucas
  • MetaCRS / Daniel Morissette
  • gvSig / jsanz
  • geoserver / pspencer
  • geomoose / Jody Garnett

4) Review pending incubation applications

Pending Applications in Trac

5) Review open incubation issues

Open Incubation Issues

6) Marble


Full log:


  • tackat
  • Mark Lucas (mlucas)
  • Daniel Morissette (dmorissette)
  • Eli Adam (EliL)
  • bencaradocdavies
  • Paul Spencer (pspencer)
  • tclarke
  • misev
  • Gerald Fenoy (djay)
  • jive


  • PostGIS news announcement or blog post
  • ZOO-Project up update website with OSGeo incubation logo / news announcement. ZOO-Project communication is held up waiting on mailing list, waiting for FrankW to return
  • Opticks news announcement and update website with OSGeo incubation logo
  • jive to review geomoose materials prior to recomendation
  • tackat to join mailing list to go over mentor responsibilities
  • Idea: jive and tackat look towards joint blog post introducing marble and asking for volunteer mentor