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Proposed date: Monday August 7th 2006.

Proposed time: 19:30 UTC - Fixed time around the world (3:30pm EST, 12:30am PST)

Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo.


  • Approve minutes from IncCom Meeting6.
  • Assign MapGuide mentor (Paul?)
  • Discuss FDO as a subproject of MapGuide.
  • Motion to update project status template with regard to committer responsibilities.
  • Discuss items coming out of Sean's post.
  1. it is implied that all 8 original projects will graduate
  2. bug tracking
  3. social health (processes institutionalised - in practice for 6 months)
  4. user documentation
  5. documented release cycle
  6. marketing requirements
  • formal process for updating official OSGeo docs
  1. There should only be a limited set of Formal documents - the rest can remain in the current wiki format.
  2. Formal documents should not editable (via a wiki or similar). This could mean exporting to PDF, HTML or maybe locking the wiki editors to one person.
  3. The document should be given a version number, release date and owner. The owner will probably be one of the OSGeo committees. For the Project Status Template, this would be the Incubator Committee.
  4. People should be able to raise "issues" against the document (referencing the doc and version number). These issues could be captured in the document's wiki, or in a bug tracking system. I'd be inclined to track issues in a bug tracking system.
  5. The workflow for a documentation issue would be as follows, though to minimise overhead, the committee would probably approve a number of issues at once.
    1. Open: Issue created by someone referencing document and version
    2. Open: Comments added to issue
    3. Fixed: Rough concensus has produced suggested replacement text
    4. Approved: Owner committee has voted and approved change
    5. Closed: Change has been incorpored in new version of document
  • Discuss MapBuilder's readiness for graduation (possibly vote on graduating?)
  • Documentation license, advice? (something that is delaying geotools)
  • Procedure to assign code to OSGeo foundation
  1. completed provenance review
  2. completed product review, see marketing requirements above
  3. request approval from the OSGeo board, with included header, and sample release candidate showing complete product and documentation
  4. based on positive response from board release is produced published


Present: Cameron Shorter, Arnulf Christl, Markus Neteler, Jody Garnett, Richard Gould, Frank Warmerdam, Mateusz Loskot, Chris Holmes, Norman Vine (partial), Steve Lime (partial).

  • Minutes of June 19th meeting approved.
  • It was decided not to assign Paul Spencer as MapGuide mentor, and to keep an eye out for someone more independent of the project. Volunteers desired!
  • Discussed whether FDO could be considered a sub-project of MapGuide but no consensus was achieved, deferred for further discussion, including Bob Bray.
  • Motion to update project status template with regard to committer responsibilities approved. ACTION: Frank to apply change, and table an example commiter responsibility document to incubator list. SC45
  • Agreement was reached that projects should not graduate from incubation till the Incubation Committee is satisfied that required practices (such as PSC or bug tracker) have been institutionalized by the project. How that is decided is left to the subjective judgement of incubator and the mentor. ACTION: Frank to propose specific document change capturing agreement SC43.
  • Discussed the need for "independent" PSC members. It was agreed that this is desirable to demonstrate that a PSC is not closed to membership from outside a primary organization. Also it is desirable to demonstrate there is interest in a project to sustain it even if the primary organization loses interest. Requirements for independent and diverse PSC members should be seen in this light. SC44
  • Discussed user and developer documentation requirements. A clear consensus that they are required, but no clear plan on whether documents need to be updated. ACTION: Steve Lime will consider proposing specific improvements to docs in this regard.
  • A motion was approved to track issues, and updates in Incubation Process documents through the CN issue tracker.

All Open Issues

  • Steve and Cameron agree that MapBuilder is essentially ready for graduation. Steve will prepare a motion to the mailing list proposing it's graduation, and we will keep voting open for at least a week to give folks a chance to kick the tires, and so forth.
  • Jody raised a requirement for projects to work with VisCom and WebCom to prepare promotional and web materials for the project before graduation - ie. brochures, etc. Generally agreed. ACTION: Jody to follow up with a detailed up of requirements in cooperation with VisCom and WebCom. SC46
  • Documentation License suggestions deferred.
  • Copyright assignment mostly deferred ... waiting for sample letter from Rich (re-requested this morning).
  • Adrian Custer pointed out that before groups such as the GeoTools PMC assign copyright to OSGeo they would like an assurance of some form from the board indicating that OSGeo will keep code under an OSI approved license, and that as much as possible will honour the wishes of the project PSC in how this is handled. ACTION: Frank to get a clear statement of intent from the Board of Directors. SC47
  • Meeting closed.
  • Community MapBuilder is recommended to the board for graduation (by email, closing October 25th).