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For Fundraising purposes, this is a brief review of the state of affairs for OSGeo income. Based on Income Projection but names and funding levels are slightly different to match Sponsorship levels.


Foundation Sponsors

Source Contributors Amount YTD 30-June-07
Sustaining Sponsorships (50K) 3 $150,000 $135,000 (ADSK)
Principal Sponsorships (20K)
Supporting Sponsorships (10K) 10 $100,000 $10,000
Associate Sponsorships (2.5K)(3K) 25 $62,500 $9,000
Project Sponsorships (GDAL/QGIS) $29,200
Directed Contracts (ie. ERDC, etc) 3 $100,000
Foundation Grants 2 $80,000
Supporting Membership ($40) 100 $4,000
Misc. Charitable Donations 40 $10,000
Swag Sales (ie. t-shirts) ($5 profit) 300 $1,500
Total $508,000 $183,200

Note that a portion of sponsorships, and all of foundation grants, and directed contracts will be for specific project support.