Incubation Committee Report 2011

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Annual report requested by Landon for the Incubation Committee.

Incubation Committee Report 2011

The last year has been one of change for the incubation committee but not quite enough action - we need volunteers!

Incubation committee activities in 2011:

  • Daniel Morissette appointed Incubation Chair
  • Daniel Morissette presented at the AGM in Denver
  • Jody Garnett appointed Incubation Chair
  • GeoMOOSE entered incubation with Jody Garnett as mentor
  • rasdaman entered incubation with Bruce Bannerman as mentor
  • MapFish graduation

Projects in Incubation

  • gvSIG (2007) - Jeroen Ticheler mentor. No recent progress.
  • GEOS (2007) - Recommendation pending. Frank Warmerdam mentor.
  • MetaCRS (2008) - No recent progress. Daniel Morissette mentor.
  • PostGIS (2009) - Recommendation pending. Arnulf Christl mentor.
  • GeoServer (2008) - No recent progress. No assigned mentor.
  • GeoMoose (2011) - Welcome to the foundation! Jody Garnett mentor.
  • rasdaman (2011) - Welcome to OSGeo! Bruce Bannerman mentor.

More projects are waiting to join the foundation - join the incubation committee and help make them feel welcome!