Incubation Committee Report 2012

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Incubation Committee

Key Accomplishments


  • GEOS graduates OSGeo incubation with Sandro Santilli as project officer
  • PostGIS graduated with Paul Ramsey as project officer


  • CITE Team engine entered incubation with Justin DeOlivera as mentor
  • Zoo-Project entered incubation with Frank Warmerdam as mentor
  • Opticks entered incubation with Mark Lucas as mentor
  • Marble Virtual Globe entered incubation with Arnulf Christl as mentor


  • Project Graduation Checklist updated
  • Incubation FAQ updated to reflect current incubation questions, simplifying the incubation checklist
  • The committee has transitioned from IRC meetings to email for day-to-day activities

Areas for Improvement

  • Ability to accept projects into incubation is limited by available mentors
  • Projects are spending years in incubation with no visible progress
  • Several excellent projects have been waiting in the wings as a result

Opportunities to Help

Volunteer as a mentor in the incubation committee:

  • The incubation committee is an amazing *front-line* opportunity to assist new open source projects
  • A great supportive use of your volunteer time, with relaxed schedule of email communication
  • Try out new technologies before they are cool
  • Make new friends, learn new projects, and help open source and open development take on the world
  • You are the friendly face of OSGeo

Outlook for 2013