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This page documents the current dicsussion and has not yet been approved as official OSGeo policy!

Interest Groups are less formal than Local Chapters and function as coordination and discussion area for like minded people who want to work on common projects with a local focus.

How to start an Interest Group

Interest Groups should first start their own Wiki page, link it from this page and add a member list. After some time when there is a substantial list of interested people they can officially request for a mailing list under the OSGeo domain. (Until then WebCom/board must have worked out how to name them to keep things manageable).


  • Typically an interest group would focus on a region, content or infrastructure.
  • An interest group should not overlap or replicate other existing OSGeo projects if at all possible. Therefore, a thorough search/review of existing projects is necessary and open invitations made through the OSGeo discussion list.
  • The OSGeo does not want to highjack, take over or interfere with any groups that already function well. The focus is on cooperation and collaboration.

Proposed Interest Groups

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