Introduction to Web GIS

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An introductory course on web mapping and geospatial data infrastructures. Up: Educational Resources

The student is assumed to have completed the Introduction to GIS course.

Course outline

  • introduction to the web and its technologies
  • web communities, collecting and sharing geospatial data
  • storage of geospatial data
  • web mapping server
  • the browser as a web mapping client
  • dedicated web mapping clients

The Resultados del Tutorial ISSTOCAM WebGIS show a way that course material might be developed collaboratively by the attendees of the course. Initially this actually might make you think it is like ripping off the attendees and misusing them as guinea pigs but its rather the other way round - who will know better how to improve course material if not the people failing to understand them in the first place. Maybe it would be helpful to create a Wiki of its own, otherwise pages should at least be heavily categorized so that people find their way around.


Freely downloadable texts are needed.


Lecture slides are needed.


These need to have detailed instructions and pre-prepared datasets. Also instructions how to get and install the needed software.