Korean Chapter Report 2008

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Korean Language Local Chapter

Key Accomplishments

Areas for Improvement

  • OSGeo & FOSS4G are not so well-known to Korean GIS community still yet.
  • Most of our works were done by small key-persons.
  • We are not a legal entity.

Opportunities to Help

  • Successful case of FOSS4G implementations will be warmly welcomed especially in the government area.
  • Need help in translating many materials to Korean.

Outlook for 2009

  • Regular Meeting(March, June, October - FOSS4G2009:Sydney, December). We are now discussing the joint conference with other major GIS society in Korea to promote FOSS4G & OSGeo.
  • Attend GIS Conference as a exhibitor to promote our activities, OSGeo and FOSS4G.
  • Preparing legal entity regsistration