LOC conference call Oct 26, 2010

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This will probably be a short call, feel free to add agenda items if you have any

Call in information

  • Phone number: 1-800-531-3250
  • Conference ID: 1430898


  • Brief update on State of the Map 2011 - Denver selected for this too :) !!
  • Update on additional volunteers / recruits for LOC positions
  • Possible logo update (may or may not have more samples by tomorrow)
  • Brief discussion on other milestones / tasks we need to address before year end
  • Brief review of the new FOSS4G 2011 Ideas page - and encouragement to add to this!
  • Any other business



  • Peter Batty
  • Steve Coast
  • Matt Krusemark
  • Hurricane McEwen
  • Jeff McKenna
  • Tyler Mitchell
  • Henry Rosales
  • James Sakamoto


  • State of the Map will be in Denver too! Dates are still to be confirmed but the most likely option is the weekend before FOSS4G. We want to co-operate as appropriate, but also be conscious that the two events are distinct and will be organized largely independently. FOSS4G is the larger event and State of the Map doesn't want to be "taken over" by FOSS4G and we respect that. We will have further conversations between the two groups about what it makes sense to coordinate and what we should do independently. But overall there has been a very positive reaction to having the two events back to back.
  • Jeff said that he knew somebody from the US Army Corps of Engineers who was interested in helping organize a Federal track (Joel Schlagel). Jeff will follow up and connect Joel with Peter.
  • Other additions to the LOC: Matt Ball of vector1media has volunteered to join, as has Dave Harris of Ubisense.
  • We are still waiting on logo submissions from the designer Steve connected us with
  • Peter reviewed the FOSS4G 2011 Ideas page on the wiki and encouraged others to add to it.
  • GITA is making progress on the sponsorship prospectus, draft scheduled for 11/3