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OSGeo-Live Quickstart Hackathon - Wrappup

18 February 2013

As we are wrapping up the OSGeo-Live 6.5 release, it is worth taking stock of the progress made during our recent OSGeo-Live Quickstart Hackaton. This was kicked off by a 48 hour intensive hackathon, followed up by a couple of weeks, addressing issues found.

Our aim was to "... bring OSGeo-Live documentation quality up one notch, by putting the Quickstarts through the same comprehensive testing and review that we have provided for our Project Overviews". We set up a comprehensive 3 tier review process, ensuring that

  1. All steps from quickstarts have been updated by the original author,
  2. The quickstarts have been tested by an independent person,
  3. And quickstarts have been reviewed for usability and consistency.

And the results:

  • at least 24 people joined the hackfest
  • Out of 62 Quickstart documents:
    • 40 were brought in line with the latest 6.5 OSGeo-Live release
    • 28 were externally reviewed
    • 12 were comprehensively updated for readability and consistency. These included most of the high profile OSGeo projects.

And what did we learn?

  • There is a lot of work involved in reviewing all these documents. We were spending in the order of 2 to 16 hours per quickstart for a comprehensive review. This is quite a bit of time when considering there are 62 documents.
  • "Many hands might light work". The many contributors ensured we made some great progress on this task.
  • We still haven't finished, but we are now in a good position to bring the docs in line for the next OSGeo-Live release, version 7.0.


Thanks to all the contributors. (I think there are a few more contributors who didn't register)

  1. Cameron Shorter
  2. Angelos Tzotsos
  3. Hamish Bowman
  4. Brian Hamlin
  5. Alex Mandel
  6. Javi Sanchez
  7. Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
  8. Sergio Baños Calvo
  9. Alexander Muriy
  10. Micha Silver
  11. Stephan Meissl
  12. David Mateos Pascual
  13. Roberto Antolín
  14. Andrea Yanza
  15. Javier Luque
  16. Yansa Tejada
  17. Agustín Diez
  18. Henry Addo
  19. Astrid Emde
  20. Eike Hinderk Jürrens
  21. James Klassen
  22. Argyros Argyridis
  23. Maria Vakalopoulou
  24. Alexander Muriy