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Looking to download a copy or read the help for the OSGeo Live DVD/USB/VM go to

The page below and the list of other wiki pages are aimed at the developers of the project. See also:

Running OSGeo-Live from a DVD

System Requirements
  • RAM: 512 Meg, preferably 1 Gig.
  • CPU: 1 GHz i686 or compatible (Intel/AMD)
  • Hard Disk:
None required if running directly from the DVD
At least 5 Gig if you wish to install the operating system.
  • Mouse: a 3-button mouse is useful, especially for Mac trackpad users.

Download .iso from
Create DVD
Burn the ISO onto a DVD (or boot in a Virtual Machine
  • Put the DVD into your computer's CD drive, then reboot your computer.
  • If your computer is set to boot from CD (as is often the case) you should boot up into an Xubuntu system, with Geospatial applications installed. Otherwise you'll have to adjust the BIOS boot settings or press the boot menu button just after powering-up.
  • If you find yourself at a pretty login page simply press return or wait for the countdown to timeout.
  • Try the many applications from the "GeoSpatial" menu.

Installing and running in a Virtual Machine

The exact instructions depend on the VM software you will use:

The basic idea is that you create an empty VM disk space (10-20gb is typical), mount the downloaded ISO image as a DVD (or CD) drive, then boot and install to the VM disk from the Live DVD. Once it is installed you can boot directly into the VM without having the DVD image attached.

Click2Try: run from browser

(this information now out-of-date?)

The old 2.0 Virtual Machine can be viewed from from within a web browser with Java plugin enabled.

  1. Open
  2. Click the big Try this application now button.
  3. Review the connection test results and fix, if necessary.
  4. Either wait for the application to launch or click the Launch App button.
  • Login with user=user, password=user
  • You should see the icons for the Geospatial applications on the desktop. You can start and try any application.
  • To save data, you'll need to apply for a free click2try account at