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Archived time line:

  • reaching out to interested founding members - 3 October 2015
  • discuss this draft and get it supported by the founding members - 24 May 2016

todolist archive

some deleted mission initiatives

  • Support to OSGeo.org and other European Local Chapters
We believe that OSGeo only can grow if supported from the base. So OSGeo Europe is willing to help OSGeo where necessary, to leverage idea's or act as an advisor if appreciated. We aim at bringing the different local initiatives together, creating a stronger group that is able to speak as one voice. To promote open source in the European administrations and their member states. To help the European geo-ict industry, learning them to promote and reuse open source technology and solutions.

(Done on the level of OSGeo.)

  • Support to OSGeo.org in lobbying European Union Institutions (Commission, Parliament, etc) related to specific EU-Themes (INSPIRE, H2020, Procurement policy, FIWARE, ...)

(done in "support European OSGeo members")

  • Provide resources for foundation projects - e.g. infrastructure, funding, legal

(done on OSGeo level)

past activities

Europe DG Connect Action 23 Digital Agenda

OSGeo advocates present: Dirk Frigne

OSGeo advocates present:

Geospatial World Forum

  • 24 May 2016 - Geospatial World Forum - OSGeo celebrates its 10th anniversary

Till Adams (Fossgis)
Marc Vloemans (Chair Marketing committee)
Dirk Frigne (Vice President OSGeo)
Pieter De Graef (Charter member)
Gert-Jan van der Weijden (OSGeo.nl)
Johan Van de Wauw (OSGeo.be)

This information should still be structured and organised

Goal is to create a common cv for proposing on projects and creating consortia.

Contribution of OSGeo members to FP6, FP7, H2020

  • Goal: create an inventory of all the European projects OSGeo members where involved...

This inventory will be used for documentation in future calls.

  • H2020 - GiCases - Creating a University-Enterprise Alliance for a Spatially Enabled Society - [2016 - 2018]

Dirk Frigne - Geosparc, technical GI company, expert for collaboration platform and a sandbox for testbed allowing students to co-create services and apps

  • Geosparc led on “Authentication, Authorization and Accounting for Data and Services in EU Public Administrations” in the context of the ARE3NA project (EU DG Informatics €1350K ), taking on the role of project lead as well as responsibility for the testbed environment.
  • UNCAP - Giuseppe Conti

please add details

  • EIP AHA CSA - Birgit Blaaiberg Bisgaard

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  • succeeded INTERREG applications

please add projects

  • Succeeded COST applications

please add projects

succeeded Horizon 2020 applications of OSGeo members

succeeded COST applications

succeeded INTERREG applications

existing contacts from OSGeo members to the National Governments

collected regional support

(R&D financing, startup projects, funding)