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Responsibility MOSS Website Listing OSGeo Community OSGeo Project

- README or project description

done X X X

- User guide or quickstart

done (from ca. 1987) X X
Free or Open Source License

- See

done: Unlicence X X X
Free or Open Source License

- Check headers

The whole codebase was created from scratch as Public Domain X X
Free or Open Source License

- Providence Review

done: Unlicence (MOSS came first (freedom zero), predates FOSS licences) X

- See

done X X X

- History of pull requests or patches

here X X

- Code of conduct

##TBD## X X
Open Community

- communication channel
- decision making process

[ Mailing list] X
Active Healthy Community

- user and developer collaboration
- long term viability

[ Maintainer team (reestablished in 2020)], Long term preservation ensured through Open Access Publication X
Development Process

- version control
- issue tracker
- leadership open to new members
- transparent decision making

YES: Version control, open to new members: everybody's welcome to join, transparent decision making via the mailing list, issue tracker X

- user documentation
- developer documentation

user doc dev documentation X
Release Procedure

- release process
- documented testing process

dev documentation X
Foundation Resources MOSS Website Listing OSGeo Community OSGeo Project
website project list YES: MOSS project page + OSGeo MOSS page X X X
website choose-a-project ##TBD## (does this make sense for a heritage project ?) X X X
OSGeo Live ##TBD## (potential feature: include PC MOSS and a MSDOS simulator for browser-based execution) X X X
Marketing Collateral in the works
MOSS name logo
draft: MOSS claim(s) of fame
MOSS manual art
Official OSGeo Heritage Project logo
Representation [ Contact person(s): Löwe, Peter

Data collector(s) Nartišs, Māris Data manager(s) McKenna, Jeff]

project officer
infrastructure and facilities [1] X X
promotion & marketing ##TBD## (we need tshirts!) X X
budget ##TBD## (no need?)(òption: funding for ?) osgeo board project budget
fundraising ##TBD## (no need?) X X