MapGuide PSC Meeting 01-11-2007

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Meeting Info

The fourth meeting of the MapGuide PSC will take place Thursday January 11th at 17:00 UTC (1:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM MST / 10:00 AM PST).

Meeting Chair:  Bob Bray
Universal Time:
Location:  The meeting will be held on IRC at #mapguide


  • Migration Cleanup / Follow-up
  • MapGuide 1.1.0 Release Strategy


  • Bob to ask Tyler about enabling Search and removing the Login box
  • Bob to research Trac and how it will integrate with RFC process
  • Bob to send email to -users list about address change tonight
  • Jason to ensure mailing lists are tied into Nabble, and create a skinned verison for our site
  • Tom to release 1.1.0 as a full version with projected date of Jan 22
  • Bob to ping ADSK legal on ECW and MrSID for GDAL


<rbray> I put together a very brief agenda for today. Are there other topics we should cover?
<jasonbirch> Andy wanted to talk about distributing wavelet compression formats in GDAL provider again... :)
<rbray> Yea, I saw that one. I will check back in with ADSK legal.
<rbray> Nothing I can do but keep pressing them to give me an answer.
<jasonbirch> Personally, I wouldn't have any trouble distributing ECW from my site, but wouldn't touch MrSID with a stick. Hopefully mpg's license fishing is for MrSID...
<pagameba> I'd like to get a feel for the planned release schedule for the remainder of the year too
<rbray> Sorry I was punted for some reason. Must have been a bad boy.
<rbray> I suspect the answer to distribution of both is no. But I will followup and get a firm answer from Legal.
<rbray> On to migration. I think after cleanup the site looks pretty good. Any issues still remaining (other than the dev guide samples)?
<rbray> Big thanks to Tyler BTW!
<jasonbirch> Some of the pages have the entire page (head, meta, body, etc) specified. I've removed these on the pages that I've cleaned up, but there may be some more work to do.
<rbray> Ok, I can spend some more cycles on some that too
<jasonbirch> Also, I don't think that we should be specifying initial h1, as Drupal does that for us.
<TomFukushima> I need to add the subversion link and update the subversion page
<pagameba> I poked around a bit, it looked okay (I didn't see anything obviously broken)
<jasonbirch> I ended up on an SSL page somehow, and couldn't figure out when I got there. If you see SSL links, change them back to non-SSL.
<jasonbirch> Subversion is working properly now?
<rbray> I changed a pile of ssl links the other day, but I may have missed one or two.
<pagameba> I like Bob's suggestion of putting the RFCs into Drupal, but that will require all the members of the PSC to have a drupal login
<rbray> Everyone will get Drupal access once the LDAP integration is working.
<TomFukushima> Yes, subversion is working again when Shawn isn't rebooting the server
<jasonbirch> I like the wiki for non-moved, as anyone can create RFCs. Move them to Drupal when adopted.
<pagameba> is it easy to move them?
<jasonbirch> Actually, with Trac, this whole point is moot, as RFCs will logically progress there...
<rbray> I would rather it all be in Drupal. What if we allow Member edit of some kind?
<rbray> Really?
<jasonbirch> I think so... :)
<rbray> I did not see that kind of power in Trac, but maybe I missed something.
<rbray> From my research, it looks like simply a more powerful, flexible bugzilla.
<jasonbirch> I'd suggest that we start out the RFCs as tickets, and then reference the tickets from our Drupal RFC page. SVN commits can also reference the tickets...
<jasonbirch> RFCs don't get numbers until they're adopted...
<pagameba> agreed ... all enhancement requests can go into trac initially
<rbray> Yes I agree with that. But tickets dont have all the fields of an RFC.
<rbray> What am I missing here?
<jasonbirch> Oh. I see what you mean. I wonder if Trac allows creating templates for ticket types...
<rbray> I think it only has one ticket type.
<pagameba> nothing ? enhancements start in track and if they are adopted and sufficiently complex to require an RFC, then an RFC is created
<rbray> Like bugzilla.
<pagameba> Bugzilla has a severity field
<pagameba> one of the values is 'Enhancement'
<pagameba> I would assume Trac has the same
<rbray> Yes it does
<pagameba> and there is this:
<rbray> You can also extend the fields, but I think all fields apply to all tickets so we have to be careful.
<jasonbirch> Do they allow wiki-like markup?
<rbray> yes it has some kind of integrated Wiki, but I really don't know how that fits in.
<TomFukushima> Ok then that would give us support for images and attached documents then?
<rbray> Looks like we need to do some research and come back with a proposal for this.
<jasonbirch> (room goes quiet)
<rbray> How about if I volunteer.
<pagameba> seconded
<pagameba> :)
<rbray> I should have known. :)
<jasonbirch> +1 :)
<rbray> Ok, let me go figure it out and come back with a proposal. Due date: 2 weeks.
<rbray> Sound ok?
<pagameba> yes
<TomFukushima> +1
<jasonbirch> Yep. If the "Description" field allows markup, we could replicate the RFC inside a ticket.
<bdechant> Thanks Bob
<rbray> jasonbirch: yuch
<rbray> Just kidding. My concern is overloading Trac and the ticket concept. it might work.
<rbray> Let me take a look at all this.
<jasonbirch> Either that or just point to the Drupal page. I just don't like giving public write on the website. At all...
<rbray> yea I understand that concern and don't really like it either.
<rbray> How do other projects handle this? Does MapServer allow public wriite to the website?
<rbray> I quite like their RFC pages and that is what I would like to replicate.
<rbray> Since I have lots of silence, I guess I'll make that part of my research.
<danmo> I forgot what the process is with MapServer's Plone, but I believe that you need a privileged account in order to "publish" a document. By default you can only prepare a doc and ask someone to publish for you
<danmo> My account has the rights to publish, that's why I'm not exactly sure about how it works for non-privileged accounts
<jasonbirch> I like theirs too. I don't know if Drupal has a content authorization workflow...
<rbray> danmo: Thanks. That makes more sense then public write.
<rbray> Figuring out Drupal is also on my list. That is really why I volunteered to take this on.
<rbray> Any other thoughts on this part of the migration before we talk about the mailing lists?
<jasonbirch> Search function?
<pagameba> what is the schedule for getting trac up?
<rbray> I believe Trac is now up, but not yet exposed.
<rbray> Shawn was working on that yesterday.
<pagameba> confirmed ... its up and running against ldap, but he hasn't found a way to import the xml yet
<rbray> He should talk to me about that. We should setup the fields before he does anything.
<jasonbirch> For the website, I'd like to hide the user login on the main page, and make us hit a url directly, or just have a text "login" link on the main page.
<pagameba> ok, I'll let him know
<pagameba> he would like to figure out the import before we start using trac so that the numbering of tickets remains the same
<rbray> Makes sense.
<pagameba> Shawn will contact you once he's ready to start importing ... he's still in the investigation phase :)
<rbray> jason: Login is on all pages. We should bring that and search up with WebCom/SAC/Tyler.
<rbray> I agree though.
<jasonbirch> They're separate sites... aren't they?
<jasonbirch> Are they using the same user database?
<rbray> Different user database different sites. But Tyler would like to maintain consitent look and feel
<rbray> I think.
<jasonbirch> Oh. Ours is opposite though (links on other side) :)
<jasonbirch> (uh, "ours" is relative to the hat I'm wearing)
<rbray> Well, kind of. It's all a little weird still.
<rbray> Do you know how to move the login box?
<jasonbirch> Not off the top of my head.
<jasonbirch> I'd like to get Search working too.
<rbray> Hmm, search works on the main site. That might be just a module that needs to be enabled.
<jasonbirch> And a cron job.
<jasonbirch> If we can hide the login box, we can just link to this page ( in the template.
<rbray> Well the search module is there. Maybe it just needs the UI.
<sigq> Title: user account | MapGuide Open Source (at
<jasonbirch> (I get permission denied, so it's not enabled)
<rbray> Yea, so do I.
<rbray> Ok, I'll ask Tyler about that and the login issue. Anything else>
<rbray> ?
<jasonbirch> No, except to say that this version of the site is WAY nicer...
<rbray> It is getting there.
<rbray> FYI - The mailing lists will be changing tomorrow morning.
<rbray> That is the renames will happen tomorrow. The deletes will happen today sometime.
<jasonbirch> That list was way too long and ugly... Will you be sending a note out to the -users list to let them know?
<jasonbirch> I don't mind doing that...
<rbray> I was planning to do that tonight.
<rbray> The FDO lists will be changing at the same time.
<jasonbirch> OK. I'd also like to make sure that Nabble is still working, and skin it for our site. Any objections?
<rbray> Seconded
<bdechant> +1
<pagameba> +!
<pagameba> +1
<jasonbirch> Paul is overly enthusiastic...
<rbray> Tom: with the Subversion link, can you look for a stylesheet or something that returns a nicer UI like CollabNet had?
<pagameba> only if it isn't work for me ;)
<TomFukushima> ok
<jasonbirch> I'm happy to shield you from new work... ;)
<rbray> Great all work goes to Jason.
<pagameba> w00t
* jasonbirch groans
<bdechant> +1 :)
<rbray> Ok, shall we move on to the 1.1 release?
<jasonbirch> talk to me in April...
<jasonbirch> Yes.
<TomFukushima> I sent out an email to dev and would like to post RC2 in around jan 22
<rbray> I'll let Tom: The release manager take the lead on this part.
<TomFukushima> We didn't really have problems with RC1 but the version number that the server was returning was wrong so we needed a new build
<jasonbirch> If that's the only change, I'd suggest that we skip RC2 and go to release.
<rbray> Crazy question but do we need an RC2?
<rbray> We think alike :)
<jasonbirch> Otherwise we have to wait 2-3 weeks after that for release.
<TomFukushima> That's the process. But if PSC is ok with the skip, I'm good with it
<bdechant> I suggest we go right to release then
<TomFukushima> There are a couple of bug fixes in it but they are safe
<jasonbirch> Seconded
<rbray> +1
<pagameba> +1
<TomFukushima> Good, that will save me from having to renaming the files from ...1.1.0.RC2... to ...1.1.0... :-)
<rbray> Guess I need to give you write access to the download directories.
<jasonbirch> Is Studio going to work with this release? :)
<TomFukushima> Yes, we'll have a patch for it
<rbray> Tom: Do you have a planned release date?
<jasonbirch> Am I going to have to find the .dll that I overwrote in a fit of confidence? :)
<TomFukushima> it's an actual patch as opposed to the "overwrite DLL" method that we had for the RC
<jasonbirch> So, that's probably a yes; I'll have to revert to stock so that the DLL gets patched properly.
<TomFukushima> jason: yes unfortunately
<TomFukushima> Release is planned for the weekend of the 22nd January
<bdechant> If you don't have the original DLL Jason - I'm sure one of us could send you it.
<jasonbirch> I think I can steal it from a Map3D install?
<rbray> I would not recommend that.
<rbray> Different version
<rbray> Maybe Tom could post the original DLL along with the patch.
<TomFukushima> I'll put the original on the web site
<TomFukushima> along with the patch
<jasonbirch> I'm sure I'm not the only stupid person out there ;)
<rbray> I suspect a number of users will run into this problem.
<rbray> You said it not me :)
<pagameba> can the patch work against either?
<rbray> No, only release versions.
<TomFukushima> no, because the DLL was something built by me, not the build team
<rbray> E.g. you need to put the files back to their release versions or it will not patch.
<rbray> We have the same ugly problem with the Enterprise installers.
<jasonbirch> Eventually we're going to have to take the build process external... Probably using an OS build tool... Not volunteering yet though.
<rbray> Yes I agree. Should we table that for a future meeting? I would like to put it up on the Telescience servers.
<rbray> I know Frank has done some work to get FDO up there already.
<rbray> They are using BuildBot at the moment I think.
<jasonbirch> Frank and Mateusz I think. I haven't figured out how to build MapGuide with commandline yet...
<rbray> You can build on Linux without the command line? Wow you are good.
<jasonbirch> Windows...
<jasonbirch> I don't do Linux at work...
<rbray> The Telescience builds are all Linux.
<jasonbirch> Mateusz has a Windows bot set up.
<jasonbirch> I think it's his personal machine.
<rbray> So we may need a different solution for Winblows.
<pagameba> and for ppc :D
<jasonbirch> Have you got it working on your iMac yet?
<TomFukushima> ...Bob lost his network connection, he'll be back in a bit
* pagameba weeps himself to sleet
<pagameba> sleep
<pagameba> jeesh
<pagameba> can't type
<jasonbirch> lol. I've got three inches of snow. I'd be happy for sleet...
<jasonbirch> heh. must be seriously cold in Calgary... freezing the bits...
<rbray> Sorry about that, the wireless is not so reliable today.
<rbray> -33 with the Windchill this morning. Very pleasant.
<jasonbirch> My brother-in-law is moving back there this week to rejoin his regiment.
<rbray> So lets table public builds as something we need to do.
<jasonbirch> Agreed.
<rbray> Paul, we can also discuss 2007 release schedules next week if that is ok.
<pagameba> sure
<rbray> I would still like to do a 1.2 in March/April.
<rbray> And then an October release I think. Anyway food for thought for our next meeting.
<jasonbirch> Next week?
<rbray> Any closing comments, issues, etc
<rbray> jasonbirch: Yes, next week.
<rbray> I'll take the silence as no. Thanks everyone, chat with you later...