Mapbender Report 2008

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  • Contact name: Christoph Baudson

Key Accomplishments

  • refactoring of core code
    • subsequent replacement of frame architecture by AJAX approach
    • subsequent replacement of procedural code by object oriented code following design patterns
  • various security updates
  • higher quality of releases due to changes in release cycle
  • interoperability: basic OpenLayers output, GeoJSON support
  • a total of four development sprints with a huge variety of attendees
  • incorporation of new developers
  • increased IRC traffic

Areas for Improvement

  • unit testing
  • update process
  • build process
  • SRS handling

Opportunities to Help

Outlook for 2009

  • Enhanced interoperability
  • More intuitive administration interface
  • further refactorings in order to
    • increase extensibility and stability
    • lower the barrier for external developers