Marketing Committee Budget 2024

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OSGeo Budget

Proposed Budget 2024

The following draft is for discussion

Request Budget Item
$3,000 -- Marketing/Outreach/Advocacy sprint Event (could be at FOSS4G 2024)
Event Request Event Budget Item
$2,000 $2,000 Brochures, project sheet, USB sticks and banners for various FOSS4G's in 2024
$1,000 $1,000 FOSS4G 2024 Full booth required, banners, table cloths, stickers, collateral, usb-sticks, ...
$1,000 -- podcast scale up
Outreach Request Outreach Budget Item
in-kind in-kind OSGeo website map integration (quick EOI to our community)
$10,000 in-kind Graphics Designer support for website updates
$5,000 in-kind Collateral QA and updates
Request TOTAL Budget TOTAL Item
$22,000 $3,000 Sponsorship targets established above

OSGeo website map integration

The OSGeo website was designed with a map and color palette (obviously); but the initial OSM integration was so poor it is an open only visible to from the member filter menu and GeoForAll labs.

We assumed that as a geospatial software foundation our community would be able to handle this but no volunteers have stepped forward.

This activity is to source vector tile based map using osgeo software, the associated cartography following our style guide, and integration with our website listings for: members, service providers, local chapters, and geoforall labs.

Budget: We are *still* seeking an OSGeo project to take this on. As we are a geospatial community it should be a great way for an organization to showcase their work and technology: "Cartography PARTY, rendering PROJECT, data (c) Open Street Map ODpl"

Deliverable: vector tile service, cartography in keeping with style guide, wordpress theme integration with system admin committee

Graphic designer support

We have had a number of requests for the website stacking up from the very simple, to the more demanding.

  • update social media options (need icons for mastodon, x, etc...)
  • set up tiles for the public facing committees (presently we have a bullet point list)
  • the sponsors page is not laying out very clear between different categories, it appears to be single column now?
  • adjust how frequent sponsors images are listed at the bottom of the screen (rather than the proposed removing of bronze sponsors)
  • make sponsors more visually separate at the bottom of each page (there was some confusion on about osgeo pages leading to request to remove sponsor logos from these pages)
  • make it easier to supply/scale logos (current limitation on exact size and placing on a white background is error prone)
  • make it easier to supply screenshots with laptop, webpage, browser frame

Preference would be to contact original graphic designer (from GeoBeyond) if available. Going with an alternate choice will require reviewing the decisions made going into the initial design (while there are presentations and meeting notes such a diversion would increase level of effort).

Budget: $10000: sponsorship activity, highlight sponsors in status updates throughout the year

Deliverable: design guidance and collaboration with sysadmin committee to update wordpress website.


Projects did not have access to InDesign and chose a wide range of technologies to produce one page PDFs (InkScape, Scribus, Sketch). While Jody made some effort to make these presentations consistent; variations in fonts, logo position are still present. There is also the good idea to have QA codes available for folks to download the PDF to their phone.

Updated banner designs with space allocated for sponsor logos (to be affixed with magnets or similar). This is an also an opportunity to better show case the branding integration of regional aerial/drone photography.

It would also be great to do up t-shirt designs for the OSGeo projects.

This is a hard topic for our community as volunteers would like to edit the material but do not have easy access to the applications required. The hard truth is that the output is required to be available for use in printshops world wide: InDesign (good), PDF CMYK (okay), SVG CMYK (poor). There may also be a cloud based solution that would work.

Budget: $5000: seek sponsorship and engagement from planned events and local chapters.

Deliverable: Original files, PDF (CMYK) for printing in A4/Letter.