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To develop branding, design and layout of several types of material suitable for printing and for using generally across OSGeo's work.

In particular for the creation of several graphical representations that can be used in presentations, for brochures, signs, covers and more. Also, secondarily, to be discussed will be aligning these representations with our online resources where applicable, for furthering use of the brand in a clear way.


Tyler Mitchell leading the project with assistance from Jeroen Ticheler and other who may be interested. Please add your name here if you would like to help or introduce yourself on the marketing mailing list.

Products from this project will also eventually feed into the Exhibition Pack so it will coordinate with Alex Mandel as well.

Remaining Ideas

  • Web site templates we could adopt (main site, wiki, projects, other services)
  • Ideas for other merchandise branding - shirts, etc.
  • Published all files to an index web page with previews
  • Online system for editing text and creating PDFs (e.g. for translating)

Plan Milestones

Milestone Status Comments Est. Completion
1. Define scope and requirements Complete Tyler writing up and researching needs 2-Feb
2. Line up contractor help Complete Tyler and Jeroen initiating some contacts based on previous work 10-Feb
3. Draft Development iterations Complete Review options and samples, comments, etc. Some may be usable for immediate needs. 1-Apr
4. Final delivery Complete Majority of final products available for printing and use now 1-May
5. Publish online for distribution Underway Some available in SVN. Tyler to collate/upload. 15-July
4. Print samples of material Complete Much printed already by June. Mainly table 'throws' remaining. 15-July

Define Scope and Requirements

Aiming for consistent use and presentation of OSGeo logo and/or colours across a wide range of media. New concepts for our general layout of branded material are welcome. Discussion will help focus on the areas of particular need.

A list of potential articles needed are:

  • Completed Brochure (single fold, two sides, colour) - overview of OSGeo, also useful for a project template
  • Completed Flyer (single/double side, colour) - overview of OSGeo and projects
  • Completed Retractable banner (aka "pop-up")
  • Completed Poster template
  • Completed Presentation slide template
  • Completed General cover page for electronic documents (e.g for case studies booklet, journal cover)
  • Completed CD/DVD label
  • Completed Business cards


  1. Work with existing logo
  2. Flexibility for using open document formats for future reusability/customisation
  3. Iterative process of draft reviews
  4. Review of our Marketing Communication Strategy 2008 document, as well as one-on-one interviews to ensure understanding of our needs


Other items to keep in mind: