Marketing Meeting 2007.11.21

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Please note change in time - 5 hours later than usual

Marketing Committee meeting to be held on Wednesday Nov. 21th at 20:00 UTC on (#osgeo). IRC client (select #osgeo from the drop-down list, and type /nick YOURNAME, to set your nickname for use in the channel).

Meeting Agenda 2007.11.21

  • Role call
  • Assign scribe
  • Review previous minutes
  • Review previous action items

New Business

  • Discuss and (hopefully) agree on the Marketing proposal
  • Boost spreading OSGeo's name (how to?)
  • Produce HQ paper version of project / committee info sheets
  • Create an OSGeo CD/DVD with all projects to give away together with HQ paper version of project / committee info sheets
  • Actively plan and commit to more conferences, trade fairs, events at large
  • more?


  • IRC-only meeting, started 20:04 UTC (IRC log here - see 11am server time)
  • Roll call: Tyler, Arnulf, Jeroen, Daniele, Aaron (left early), Michael. Regrets: Nathalie was unable to attend.
  • Guests: Frank, Howard
  • No previous action items to review
  • Jeroen presented background for Marketing Proposal 2007
    • Followed meeting discussion at FOSS4G re: marketing approach, described OSGeo role to company/designer that helped with GeoNetwork design project. Requested a proposal for helping OSGeo meet goals of outreach to more users.
    • Proposal reviews design concepts for printed and digital material, and also a communication component for developing a marketing strategy.
    • Discussed various objectives and strategies that the proposal could cover.
    • General consensus on approach - to focus on communication and design concepts.
      • communication concepts to be done in Dec, design by February.
      • Arnulf has more concerns/questions and will follow up with PR company and Jeroen
    • Arnulf to contact consultant to discuss further, will report back in one week and discuss voting on the mailing list
  • MOTION: Tyler moved to add Daniele Nascimento to the committee, Jeroen seconded, all were in favour.
  • MOTION: Tyler moved that the Marketing Committee request $5,000 as an operating budget for the remainder of 2007 fiscal year. Arnulf seconded, all were in favour.
  • Discussion of CD/DVD deferred to mailing list
  • Discussion of events perspectives started. Tyler described the idea of supporting more grassroots initiatives - i.e. small events that shadow other bigger (i.e. proprietary) events. Arnulf expressed interest in seeing if OSGeo can participate at a large vendor show. More discussion deferred to list.
  • Tyler moved to close the meeting, Jeroen seconded, all were in favour.
    • Meeting closed at 21:33 UTC