Migration Tasks and Milestones

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This page is intended to describe the tasks and milestones for the Infrastructure Migration project. We'll also use this to track status as we move toward our end of December deadline and beyond.

Initial Install, Configure, and Prep [12/01/06]

  • Install and Configure Key Services in a Test Environment (under Shawns desk) [Shawn]
  • Test and Script (where possible) Installation and Configuration [Shawn]
  • Define LDAP Directory Structure [Shawn]

Servers online at PEER1 [12/01/06]

  • Negotiate and Sign Contract with PEER1 [Tyler]

Arrange Dump of CollabNet Databases [12/01/06]

  • Arrange with CollabNet [Geoff]
High priority:
* User database
* Mail list and archives
* SVN including history
Low priority:
* Groups

Install and Configure Key Services [12/08/06]

  • LAMP [Shawn]
  • LDAP [Shawn]
  • Drupal [Shawn]
  • postfix(mta) / MailMan [Shawn]
  • SVN, Trac [Shawn]

Migrate Services and Content [12/20/06]

  • Develop Scripts to Migrate CollabNet Users to LDAP [Shawn]
  • Develop Scripts to Migrate CollabNet Mailing Lists to MailMan [Shawn]
  • Develop Scripts for SVN Dump/Load [Shawn]
  • Develop Basic Drupal Navigation (e.g. Clone Existing) [Tyler to Coordinate]
  • Migrate OSGeo Site Content [Tyler to Coordinate]
  • Migrate MapGuide Project Content [Bob to Coordinate]
  • Migrate FDO Project Content [Bob to Coordinate]

Go Live Phase 1 - Basic Site [12/22/06]

  • Run Migration Scripts [Shawn]
  • Change DNS for osgeo.org [Shawn]
At this stage the OSGeo Web Site and Mailing lists will be up and running on the new infrastructure.

Go Live Phase 2 - SVN [12/29/06]

  • Migrate SVN Repositories (MapGuide, FDO, Mapbender) [Shawn] Arnulf: Would it be possible to integrate the old CVS dump in this phase? We are missing the first half of Mapbender code history due to not having been able to dump the CVS into the CN SVN.
  • Extract Project Tracker Artifacts e.g. Bugs as XML (MapGuide and FDO) [Shawn]
At this stage the SVN instances for MapGuide, FDO, and Mapbender will be live on the new infrastructure.

Go Live Phase 3 - Trac and Cleanup [01/31/07]

  • Develop scripts to import Project Tracker Artifacts into Trac [Shawn]
  • Cleanup Migration Issues [Shawn, All]
  • Finalize and Document Sys Admin Scripts, Functions, etc. [Shawn]
  • Develop Long Term Drupal Navigation, Organization, Etc. [Tyler to Coordinate]
At this stage Trac will be up and running for MapGuide and FDO, all bugs from the CollabNet Project
Tracker Tool will be migrated and the Drupal Site will have it's new Post CollabNet look, feel, and


  • CollabNet database dumps
  • Migrating user databases to LDAP
  • Migrating Mail Archives